Bridal Braids 101

Depending on the theme and style of your wedding, it’s important to choose a hairstyle that will fit in perfectly with every other component of the brides look.

Personally, I absolutely love the braided look, I feel like it can be tied into absolutely any bridal look and look strikingly beautiful.

Below I have chosen my 5 favourite bridal braided looks – honestly the choices are endless, but these 5  add that little bit extra ‘wow’ to a brides hairstyle without being too over the top.

1. Braided updo

For the brides who want to have their hair up and off the face, the braided up-do is the perfect style for you. Simply part your hair to one side, loosely braid your hair and swoop it up at the back into an up-do. This look will work perfectly if you want your hair off your face for a boho themed wedding. It’s quite a carefree hairstyle but still gives off a lot of elegance.

Instagram: @annette_updo_artist

2. Braided high bun

I have seen loads of images of brides who have gone with the high bun hairstyle for their wedding – it really does compliment any dress choice whether it be strapless, backless or high necked. Why not step the high bun look up a notch and incorporate a beautiful braid into it making the bun look more voluminous. It really will elevate your look.

Instagram: @vanessastyleinc

3. Braid with loose curls

This one is for the ladies who want their hair to be out, but still pulled off the face. The braid crossing over from one side to the other provides a soft look, and paired with the loose curls, the two really do create a dreamy combination.

Instagram: @charisse.holliday

4. Braided side or low bun

If you want to stick to the more traditional hair style of the lower bun or side bun then incorporating a braid into the look could be just what you need. The braid will add texture to your look and adding some hair jewels or clips into the braid could add some additional sparkle.

Instagram: @sabrinadijkman

5. Loose side swept braid/fishtail

If you have long hair and want to show it off without having it completely out, then a side braid/fishtail could be the perfect choice for you on your wedding day. I feel like this hairstyle can look very romantic and very boho at the same time.

Instagram: @wedding.pages

Instagram: @thebridalhairartist

Written by Laura Harriss