Bold Ideas

When it comes to beauty why not be bold?

A bold hair style, bold lip and bold brows might just be all it takes to take your trademark look to the next level of fabulousness.

This latest editorial story was shot with my team on the streets of NYC, because if you’re planning to be bold why not start in New York City?!

Bold beauty starts here!

1. Bold Hair-

Ditch the straighteners and occasionally and opt for a big, beautiful blowout. If you don’t have the time to get to the hairdresser for a blow dry you can teach yourself at home. All you need is a dryer, a round brush and some mousse to lock in the volume. Straighteners suck all the volume out of your style not to mention damage the hair significantly more than a hair dryer will. It will take a few practices but after 3 or 4 times you’ll get the hang of it. Personally I like a blow out with a little more grit, so I tend to spritz with a texture spray when I’m finished to give it a soft tousled look.



Evo Whip It Good Styling Mousse $29.95 for volume and Evo Salty Dog Beach Cocktail Spray $26.95 for texture.


2. Bold lips-

It’s time to research the perfect lip colour. Not everyone can wear the same colours, so the best option is to go to the cosmetic counter and test out a few bold options. Opt for Red, Fuchsia, Purple or Orange to really create a statement lip. Matte lip colours are also really big right now so ask to try some matte options too.


Ere Perez Natural Lipstick in ‘Fiesta’ a bright red or ‘Surprise’ a bright pink $29.90.


3. Bold Brows-

If you’ve over plucked in the past or you don’t have naturally thick brows don’t worry, there’s an abundance of great quality brow products available out there in all colours, shapes and consistencies. Being bold with brows doesn’t mean they have to be really dark in colour, rather they should look full, well groomed and not too harsh on the face. Opt for a soft brow pencil to fill in the gaps and make the brows appear fuller. Follow this by using a spoolie or brow brush to soften the product and brush it through.


Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Brow Pencil $26.95 which is a soft cool brown pencil with brush on the lid.


4. The Bold Sleek Pony Tail-

Could this uber cool and on trend hairstyle be the answer to every bad hair day? Oh yes it can…

Sleek pony tails are not only low maintenance but are also comfortable to wear and look undeniably cool. All you need is a comb to part the hair evenly, some shine spray, a hair elastic and hairspray to hold it in place.

TRY- Evo Love Touch Shine Spray $26.95, Evo Helmut Hairspray and some Scunci 60pc Hair Elastics $9.95.

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PHOTOS: James Hartley

MODEL: Charlie Austin @ Ford NYC

HAIR: Lauren Mc Cowan using EVO


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