Body Oils; The Answer to Dry Skin

When it comes to skin and body care, the word oil gets a bad rap. Often people shudder at the thought of the slick and greasy finish oils are thought to leave behind on your limbs. These days body oils are formulated to absorb easily into the skin rather than sit on top of it, and they can definitely make your skin look and feel amazing!

In the heat of Summer and the constant Sydney humidity it can be hard to even imagine putting on a body moisturiser or lotion, but one of my favourite beauty hacks is to use a body oil in the shower. Applying an oil on damp skin, and then rinsing the excess off leaves you with beautifully moisturised, glowing skin with zero heaviness or greasiness.

I’ve always found oils far more effective at giving my skin a healthy glow and I often swap out my cream body moisturisers when my skin becomes dull and dry.

Not only do they offer instant suppleness, body oils soak into your skin to nourish the layers deep below the surface. They also help to build a barrier for your skin to protect it from any further damage or drying.

Once upon a time you would only find formulas that sit uncomfortably on your skin without drying down and once they were on, they could be quite hard to get off. Thankfully, technology and testing has come a long way and now it’s easy to find an option that won’t leave your skin greasy and is really comfortable to use. You’ll have a nice glow that won’t feel heavy on your skin or stain your clothes.

Probably one of the best things about body oils though, is their ability to repair more than just dryness in your skin. With regular, consistent use, some body oils help to reduce the look of stretchmarks and even help to prevent them long-term.

You can also find body oils that reduce the look of scars, dark spots and work to tighten loose and aging skin. You really can’t go wrong in making the switch.


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PHOTO: Thom Kerr

Make-Up: Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert

Model: Olivia O’Driscoll

Hair: Iggy Rosales