Body Bliss-


My body butter addiction is still going strong and I am pleased to say that I’m currently feeding my addiction with some absolutely mouth watering Cinnamon and Cocoa body products. And let me tell you cocoa and cinnamon is a perfect combination! it really does take your senses to a whole other level. I have to remind myself this stuff is not edible…. it is all natural though so it probably wouldn’t hurt. haha

The products in question are the gorgeous creation of Romy, a company from the northern beaches of Sydney. Romy enriches all its products with Australian bush fruit extracts and aromatherapy oils and the result is an earthy, natural luxury skincare range. The body products come in a range of scents also including Eucalyptus and Lemongrass and Lavender and Fir Needle. The Cinnamon and Cocoa range is a far cry from the usual ‘cocoa’ or ‘chocolate’ flavoured body products. This one smells like real food, just by smelling it you can tell its earthy, natural and has quality ingredients.

The range uses ingredients which are potent in anti oxidants like Kakadu Plum extract which will ensure you are feeding your skin the nutrients it needs. The products I have been using are-

Cinnamon and Cocoa Body Butter $55, Cinnamon and Coca Body Cream $38, Cinnamon and Cocoa Hand and Nail Cream $33.50. I would definitely recommend these products to people who are looking for the highest quality body care products .These products will get  your skin real results.

To buy online CLICK HERE.