Best Foundations Under $30

When it comes to buying reasonably priced foundations, it can sometimes be a hit and miss trial when it comes to the quality of the product.

Most foundations that are either $30 or under are usually classed as ‘drug store’ foundations, and to be honest, I find a high percentage of these ‘drug store’ foundations are of better or similar quality as a high-end foundation.

I tested out 8 drug store (under $30) foundations over a 12-hour period and have found my 5 favourites, which I was truly impressed with.

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Here are my top 5 under $30 foundations:

MAYBELLINE Dream Cushion Foundation, $26.95

Shade – 48 Sun Beige

This is the perfect shade for my fresh fake tanned (or naturally sun tanned) skin.

The first reason why I love this foundation is that it’s compact packaging makes it a very practical product which is super easy to pack in your handbag and reapply when needed without it making a mess.

When first applying the foundation I noticed it was a light to medium coverage and left my skin looking really natural yet radiant. It left a velvet-like finish.

I have quite oily skin, and I found myself having to mattify my face due to shine around the 6-hour mark, which isn’t too bad.

Another major plus about the dream cushion is that it has SPF 40. So not only does it make your skin look flawless, it’s also protecting your skin from harmful rays.

Overall I would rate this foundation an 8.5/10.


MAYBELLINE SuperStay 24HR Foundation, $24.95

Shade – 32 Golden

My first thought when I received this foundation was that I’d never really seen or heard much about this foundation at all. When trying out this foundation I wasn’t fake tanned, and this was the absolute perfect shade for my skin tone at the time.

The pump applicator made it easy to apply, as the consistency of the foundation was quite runny. After applying the foundation to my whole face I immediately loved the finish. I was quite shocked, because as I said I hadn’t heard much on this foundation, but everything about it worked. It was breathable, build-able and comfortable to wear. Only two pumps and my whole face was covered in a medium to full coverage but it still managed to look natural.

I had this foundation on for about 8 hours, my skin was barely oily and still looked fresh and even.

Overall, this was my favourite and  would rate this foundation a 10/10.


L’OREAL PARIS True Match Foundation, $29.95

 Shade – 6.N Honey

True match has always been one of my favourite foundations for multiple reasons. The coverage and formula of this foundation works perfectly with my oily/combination skin and manages to add a beautiful glow and healthy radiance.

One thing I find tricky when trialling new foundations is finding a formula that won’t make me crease around my laugh lines. This won’t happen with this foundation, which is a major advantage.

It glides on the skin so easily, either with a flat top brush or beauty blender, and wears for about 8 hours. It honestly feels like you aren’t wearing any foundation, which is amazing! I like that my skin can still breathe through this foundation.

True match also has an amazing colour range!

Overall I give this foundation a 9.5/10.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, $19.95

 Shade – Classic Beige

This one is for all the natural skinned babes out there as it offers a light coverage, simply adding a little bit of colour and radiance to your complexion.

I tried applying this foundation with both a brush and beauty sponge and feel that the sponge applied more product and made the skin look more flawless.

I feel like this is more of an everyday foundation, and wouldn’t really recommend it for an event or party where you want to look total glam.

I wore this foundation for 10 hours and it still managed to look decent and in tact by the end of the day.

This one is great for an everyday foundation you want to look natural and still see your skin under the foundation, I would rate this 8/10.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, $16.00

 Shade – No. 53

This foundation is all about giving your skin a healthy and dewy glow. Again, I hadn’t heard much about this foundation before trying it so I was keen to give it a go.

All I can say is wow. For the price, this foundation worked wonders for my skin. It blurred all my spots and imperfections and immediately brightened my complexion.

One thing I noticed and loved about this foundation is the scent, it smells so fresh and it’s just a pleasing smell compared to most foundations.

This is the perfect natural looking foundation which still has the properties of covering everything you want to hide without the caked look. It feels super hydrating and lasted on my skin for about 8 hours before some oil started to show.

Overall I would recommend this foundation a 9.5/10.


Written by Laura Harriss