Beauty Wrap up 2011

2011 has been a dazzling year on the beauty scene, full of soft pastels, flowing hair, glowing skin but also adorned with splashes of eye popping lip, nail and cheek colours. Flowing dresses, silks and maxi skirts have been gracing the runways with a pop of colour coming from the shoes, bags or belts. Wine stained lips have broken all the rules and made a colour that was purely for ‘Winter’ a hot favourite for Summer. And Nails have been dominated by pastels, but not the pastels we used to know, maybe a mauve, maybe an apricot but the brightest type you’ve ever seen. If there is one thing we have learned its that you can never have too much colour in one outfit, and that the more colour on your lips or nails the better!

The rules for hair are that it needs to look effortless, even if its taken an hour to do. Structured perfect curls are out, and tousled messy curls are in. The low pony tail has taken the cake for the ‘do’ of the season, who would have thought such an unassuming ‘normal’ hairstyle would leading the hair trend . If you’ve used hairspray it needs to look as if you haven’t. If your hair looks beachy or salty you can’t go wrong, and there are plenty of products to help do this even if your hair is squeaky clean it can look as though you’ve just come off the beach.

My Must haves-

Hair Salt spray

Bright Pink Lipstick

Coral Nail Polish

Plum/burgundy Lippy


What has been your beauty favourite in 2011? product, trend, or style I want to hear about it…

Merry Christmas xx