Beauty- the GOLDEN RULE

The Golden Rule of Beauty- Protect your skin from the sun.

My golden rule and every other beauty expert I have ever spoken to has been protect your skin from the sun. Essentially there are three things that contribute to the ageing process A) oxidisation, this unfortunately we cannot avoid. It happens when we breath… B) Smoking, Drinking and C) Over exposure to the sun.

What you need to do is cut out as many of the above as possible to avoid premature ageing (except of course breathing, keep doing that!).

The sun is the most common and most easily avoidable cause of premature ageing. My advice to you is this- find a sunscreen that you love, and buy products that include an SPF factor in them including your day cream, body cream and your make-up.

I’ve reviewed a lot of products and the following superstars are definitely one’s I recommend.


Auscreen Coconut Spray on Sunscreen SPF30+ – This sunscreen is lightweight, rubs in clear and smells divine! A tropical coconut scented broad spectrum lotion. Non greasy and doesn’t leave you with that white looking glow, at the same time its quite hydrating on the skin. Mess free trigger applicator. Perfect for all over the body. 250ml $12.99

Sun Sense Clear Mist and Clear Gel SPF 30+ – These sunscreens are clear and super lightweight. I love the fact that they don’t leave you looking white and shiny! They leave next to no residue on the skin at all, an essential for oily skin types and great for everyone else. A light and pleasant Jasmine scent. Also for all over body use. Clear Gel $10.95, Clear Mist $12.95.

Ella Bache Every Day Zinc SPF 30 + – This Zinc is perfect for the face. It’s a white colour that rubs in clear it’s oil free and has a matte finish. This one is also offers high protection with a 100% mineral filter. It’s light weight and has next to no fragrance. 50ml $49

Guinot Stick Anti UV SPF50+ – Guinot have developed this sun protective stick sunscreen with a very high protection SPF 50+. It’s perfect for the sensitive areas of the face- nose, lips, ears cheeks etc. It’s soothing on the skin and contains some great ingredients including Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe. In a compact stick applicator it’s easy to use and perfect  for the handbag. RRP $40


Aves Mineral Foundation SPF 20 + – This mineral powder foundation offers high sun protection and looks amazing too. It’s easy to use and made from the highest quality minerals and wears really well too. Made from all natural ingredients it will never clog your pores or cause breakouts. The versatility is great it can be worn as lightly as a tinted moisturiser or built up to a heavy coverage. It will withstand even the hottest most humid days without even a touch up. RRP $60

Cancer Council Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30+ – This tinted moisturiser is a lovely light weight sun protection. Ideal for people who want a very light coverage included with their sun protection. Great price and the proceeds go to cancer research. Available in a range of colours. RRP $12.95

Sun Sense Anti Ageing Face SPF 30+ – This face moisturiser was worth and honourable mention for some of its ingredients which include AHA’s to help even out the skin tone, Vitamin E and B3. It’s oil free and has an invisible tint which makes it look matte on the skin. Perfect for people who don’t like the shine sunscreens generally leave on the face. 100ml $16.95

Cancer Council Moisturising Lipgloss SPF 30+ – You rarely see lipgloss with an SPF factor. These Cancer council Glosses are available in a range of fashionable colours and now give you a reason to wear gloss to the beach!! They are creamy in texture and feel really moisturising. They leave a protective coating on the lips which also prevents cracked lips. RRP $10.95


Palmers Olive Butter Body Lotion SPF 15+ – This Body Lotion is a great idea. A rich body moisturiser combined with a sunscreen. I recommend this one for daily use as your body moisturiser. This then means you never have to worry about additional sunscreen when your out and about. Lightly scented, easily absorbed into the skin, and non greasy. 250ml $7.40