Beauty Talk With Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons is Australia’s golden girl of surfing. With a bubbly personality, cheeky smile and laid back Aussie charm it’s hard not to love her.

Sally recently signed on as ambassador for beauty brand Burt’s Bees, which is no surprise as she’s the epitome of healthy, natural beauty.

I had the chance to chat with Sally about what it takes to be a professional athlete and still manage an effective beauty routine.

You’re in the sun more than most of us, how much effort do you put into protecting your skin?

The elements I face every day are really harsh so I try to use the most natural things I can, so as not to create a barrier between myself and nature. I have so much exposure to the sun, I’m regularly putting on my zincs and anything with SPF in it right from when I wake up and then reapplying throughout the day. Whether it’s my skin or hair, they really need a lot of moisture and a lot of love.

 Are you concerned with the ageing effects of the sun on your skin?

I know it’s all part of the incredible journey I get to live through in this stage of my life. It may definitely accelerate those signs of ageing but I’d say they would be character lines and the best stories for when I’m older.

 Favourite sun protection product?

It really depends what I’ve got on that day – when I’m out in the surf I’ll normally use the Burt’s Bees All Weather SPF 15 Lip Balm to help keep my lips protected, I also use their BB Cream with SPF 15 for when I’m out and want a sheer hint of coverage. I also use an all-natural zinc called Surf Mud for extremely high sun sessions, I put an extra layer especially under my eyes and delicate skin areas.

You strike me as more of a natural beauty. Do you wear make-up? If so what products?

I love to dress up when I go out at night, but it has to be a natural look for sure, as I’ve usually just run out of the surf at the last minute. For hair, I like the natural beach wavy textured look. For face I like to make my eyes pop by focusing on the lashes. Whatever I use on my lip, I pop on my cheekbones as a blush, a little 2 for 1!

I’m all about being efficient with my time, but I also like to put the effort in and enjoy the occasion I’m going to!

Above: Inside Sally’s beauty bag.

I know from experience that lots of time in the ocean can make your hair feel like straw. Can you share any hair secrets for combating that?

I make sure I’m topped up with quality shampoo and conditioners. Each night I massage my head and hair with coconut oil and stimulate the hair cells with a bristle brush. I just try to keep it healthy as possible and really moisturised after being in the salt water all day.

How would you describe your skin care routine?

I believe skin health comes from eliminating harsh chemicals, so anything that contains ingredients that I don’t recognise I don’t put on.

I’m all about moisturising before and after every surf and after the shower at the end of a long day, but ideally I prefer to use the bare minimum of products on my skin.

If I’m using a lot of sunscreens and zincs throughout the day, I will use a natural skin scrub to cleanse thoroughly.

What do you feel is more important when choosing a beauty product- it being as natural as possible, price, or effectiveness?

Being as natural as possible is key for me. I want to be able to see that the products have been derived from nature. That also means understanding the label and not having a whole heap of chemicals in my products! I try to have a true connection from nature to my skin, which is why Burt’s Bees products ring true to me.

When you have time for some R&R how do you pamper yourself? e.g. hair, massage, manicure, sauna etc.

My highest priority is recovery mode for my brain, which keeps a really positive blue print of positive thought patterns. I put a lot of focus on the breath and meditation which helps me to stay present and pull me out of a ‘fight or flight’ reactive state when I don’t need to be there.

Do you indulge in any holistic wellness practices? Reiki, meditation etc?

 When I first open my eyes, I try and regulate my breathing patterns before I start the day because I want to start the day in a really calm space.

It depends what’s on the schedule or if I can hear the surf pumping outside my window, but I usually do 10 minutes where I have a single focus meditation where I’m focusing on one point.

I’m fortunate to live by the ocean so after breathing I go out and say hello to the ocean and check out what the surf is doing.

My ritual is to do my mobility movements or a yoga session to wake up my body. If I see that the waves are good I usually get excited and rush through my mobility, so I can get straight out into the surf.

Do you have any skin concerns of your own?

I react to certain seasons in the waters, whether it’s a crazy temperature change from location to location, or a red tide when there is a heap of seaweed and lice in the water. It can make my skin puff up or get super itchy, which is not so fun.

Why did you choose to partner with Burt’s Bees?

It feels like a natural fit to partner with Burt’s Bees. It’s all-natural and shares in the same philosophies as me when it comes to treating your skin and body with the best.

Favourite Burt’s Bees product?

Being in natures harshest elements all the time I am in urgent need of moisture, for skin, hair and lips. I always carry my trusty Burt’s Bees All Weather Lip Balm with the SPF15. I have about 5 of them in different bags, so I pretty much have one on me at all times!

I agree, Burt’s Bees lip balms are to die for…. What’s your favourite flavour?

Coconut and pear is epic, it smells sooo good : )

 Do you have a go-to perfume?

I use a blend of doTERRA essential oils to blend together a citrus blend.

 Do you take any supplements for inner health? If so what?

I love using the Amazonia Raw products; I mix them with water or in a smoothie to support everything from my gut health to my overall nutritional balance. It gives me those extra nutrients I may not be getting from my food depending on the country I’m in. It’s a super amazing range that I really rely on.