Beauty Secrets of A Surfer Babe


Fresh from her return from Bells Beach, pro surfer and beach babe  Laura Enever spills the beans about beauty, health, swimwear and what it takes to stay looking fresh faced and fabulous. The northern beaches beauty chats with me about keeping a healthy body and mind and her secrets to maintaining glowing skin even with such a hectic travel schedule!

B: Describe your daily beauty routine?
L: My daily routine goes a little like this-  Get up and go either for an early surf or coffee. If I’m getting up for surfing I’ll usually just roll out of bed and just jump in the water. 
Otherwise if im going out and about I will shower , moisturise , brush my teeth , put on a little concealer if needed with some mineral powder, mascara and perfume!
B: You strike me as a natural beauty.. Do you wear much make-up?
L: I don’t wear much at all… On a normal day I will barely wear anything. If I’m surfing it’s pointless and I will just use some sunscreen and zinc! Otherwise I stick to tinted moisturiser. 
B: What beauty secrets or products you swear by?
L: For the sun and surfing  I love love love Shiseido Compact Powder Foundation UV Protection 30+, It’s perfect! I’m also totally in love with Loreal Nude Magique CC Cream
 At night I love using Rosehip Oil and Tea Tree Oil, it helps with blemishes.
B: Being blonde and always in the sun and surf do you find your hair gets dry and damaged? what remedies/treatments/products do you use to take care of your hair?
L: I pretty much carry leave-in conditioner everywhere I go, it’s the one thing that has saved my hair! Being in the water all day my ends just get fried by the sun, so I always make sure Im giving them enough love !
B: Do you have indulgences you like to splurge on? expensive products/perfume/beauty treatments?
L: I think it’s important to splurge a little on skin care. There are so many amazing products out there and I’ve definitely done my share of buying and trying different things. Now that I’ve found what I love I usually stick to that. I just try to keep everything simple and to use organic products as much as possible to avoid too many chemicals on my skin. 
B: Describe your outlook on a healthy diet and exercise? Do you think this has an effect on your skin?
L: Totally! When I have been eating well and exercising I can see it in my skin,  it has that fresh glow to it..  And being healthy isn’t about being a gym junkie it’s just about a balanced lifestyle.
B: Do you do any other regular exercise to keep you in shape aside from surfing?
L: I like to run a bit especially when I’m travelling. When I’m home I do boot camp with my friends. I find exercising with friends so much more fun and motivating. 
B: You travel alot and keep a really busy schedule, how do you stay positive and keep a happy mindset?
L: I try not to let stress get to me… Stress is a killer! I meditate regularly and try to live in the present moment. The days are longer than we realise and I just try make the most of them. 
B: If you could pick one ‘must have’ bikini what would it be?
L: I’m absolutely in love with Billabongs Surf Capsule wetsuits! They are that perfect mix of function and fashion in the surf.