Beauty Lessons to Learn from French Girls

There’s something about French girl beauty that has the world captivated. Thanks to social media, we’re connected now more than ever and able to observe and appropriate beauty tips, tricks and tried and true routines from women all around the world.

No beauty culture has been more enduring though than that of the French girl, or more specifically, the Parisian.

From their perfectly tousled locks to their perfectly polished yet equally carefree approach to makeup, there’s something for all of us to learn from the French girl to incorporate into our own routines…

1. Prevention is the key to healthy skin

Ask any French girl and she’ll probably tell you that sunscreen and a simple cleanser is all you need for a clear and glowing complexion. Of course, the French also favour nourishing oils and a weekly sheet mask but their approach to skincare is often focused on preventing damage rather than treating it.

2. A red lip is non-negotiable

While a red lip is loved the world over, none do it quite as well as the French. Rather than using red as a bold statement, they’re able to make it look and feel like a natural pop of colour by blurring the edges and diffusing the colour. The key is to dab the colour on and build it up from the centre of your lips rather than swipe it on.

3. Your mane is your main weapon

Because their makeup routines stay on the simple side, the French girls’ hair has to make a statement. The beauty of their hair-do’s though is that they’re able to carry off the perfectly undone look with ease. Creating the tousled look for yourself is actually pretty easy. If you style waves into your hair of an evening, add some texture spray and get a good night’s rest, all you’ll need is a little touching up and some wave spray in the morning.

4. Keep your eye makeup simple

With most French girls’ beauty looks, you’ll notice one of two main eye looks: either completely natural with simply a curled lash or a dark and smudged smokey eye. The common thread between both looks is that they’re simple. You won’t see a French girl with perfectly placed eyeshadow. If you’re not going completely bare, you’ll want to be aiming to achieve a slept in, slightly messy look.


Main image – @violette_fr

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