Beauty Favourites with Erika Heynatz


Erika Heynatz is the epitome of natural beauty. With a successful career as a model, presenter, actor and theatrical performer Erika not only leads a diverse and busy career but also manages to make her health, fitness and beauty regime a priority. And boy does it show! Always looking effortlessly beautiful, happy and healthy she is an Aussie inspiration. I couldn’t wait to chat to Erika about the important details of her beauty routine.

How would you describe your daily skin care routine?

I’ love to say that I’m low maintenance – but my heaving bathroom cabinet would suggest otherwise. With the heavy makeup I wear for theater and television work, I am fastidious about cleansing. I cleanse with Priori Idebenone Facial Cleanser , and follow with a foaming cleanser  Aveda Enbrightenment Brightening Cleanser  used with a Clarisonic brush to really get rid of any makeup residue.

Priori Idebenone Eye Serum and Cellular Recovery Serum are my treatment creams. I wear sunscreen daily True solutions All Day Moisture SPF30+ Tinted  and I use Kiehl’s Blue Astringent for any breakouts.

Do you have any beauty secrets or rituals you swear by?

I think Omnilux light therapy combined with a priori peel is my biggest beauty secret. It’s such a lovely, non-invasive treatment. I’ve seen such an improvement in the texture and clarity of my skin since I started having the facials. The Clariosonic brush is my favourite at home ritual, I love how it leaves my skin feeling super squeaky clean and my treatment products absorb more easily and have  far greater effect as well.

Slip Slip silk pillow cases are also a great trick to have up your sleeve – to stop drag and dreaded pillow head!

What do you see as the most important aspect of looking after your skin?

The older I get the more emphasis I put upon stress reduction/rest and hydration.  I don’t think any amount of product or treatment can surpass the glow you get from a good deep sleep, and plenty of water.

Do you have any products you simply couldn’t live without?

Vani-T Velocity Rapid 1 Hour Self Tan Mist I always feel better and look better with a tan.

AVEDA rosemary soap – a great sensory awakener in a lush and foamy soap bar

Shu Umera Eye Lash curler

Tangle Teezer Hair Brush

Klorane dry shampoo

Peppermint and Lavender Oil

What was your last make-up purchase?

Nars Blush in Orgasm, and Nars Bronzer Duo in Laguna.

How would you describe your ‘everyday’ make-up style?

I go for a natural, bronzed and fresh faced glow with a strong thick lash and a nude lip.

Do you have any beauty tips for staying fresh faced and fabulous while travelling ?

SK11 face masks are a great rescue if you have to get off the plane and look human.  AVEDA does a great clear, intensive moisturising mask that you can slather on during a flight without looking like a freak show. Mineral water spritzers with a dash of lavender oil are a great aromatherapy treat to keep you rested and hydrated. I travel with an acupressure pillow or mat to help with circulation so I don’t touch down with kankles.  Moulded Eye Shades with rounded eye pads to allow for eye movement are also terrific.