Beauty Favourites with Carissa Walford


Carissa Walford is natural beauty. With a busy schedule as resident host on Channel [V], and regularly filling in on Nova and 2Day FM I couldn’t wait to ask this hard working model and presenter about her secrets to keeping up a busy schedule and always looking so natural, fresh faced and amazing.

How would you describe your daily skin care routine?

Very minimal, but it works for me to not over cleanse. I only cleanse at night ( 3 step routine ) and in the morning I rinse and moisturize before makeup.

Do you have any beauty secrets or rituals you swear by?

Lavender mist spray – At any given time, or once I’ve done my makeup I spray it over the top to give myself that fresh dewy/ awake look. 😉

What do you see as the most important aspect of looking after your skin?

Sunscreen. My mum has drilled that into me since I was a kid. It’s protects you from sun damage and best of all from pre-mature ageing. At 25 I don’t have any wrinkles yet and If I continue this regime, I’ll look a lot better when I’m a lot older.

Do you have any products you simply couldn’t live without?

Stilla Lip and Cheek Stain. And my Becca Mineral Powder. I wear a lot of makeup for work and like to basically wear very little to nothing on my days off.

What was your last make-up purchase?

Kevin Aucoin precision brow pencil.

How would you describe your ‘everyday’ make-up style?

Easy, fresh and minimal.

Do you have any beauty tips for staying fresh faced and fabulous while travelling?

I think you have to keep your body healthy on the inside in order for your skin to look healthy and glowing. Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water whilst traveling is key and I like to use John Masters Organics green tea and rose hydrating face serum.