Beach Approved Beauty Essentials to Add To Your Bag

Every year as Summer rolls around I’m equally surprised at how quickly the weather changes, how hot it really gets in Sydney and how drastically my beauty routine changes.

Weekends spent lazing on the beach or grabbing a drink at a rooftop bar call for a completely different set of essentials than Winter’s mulled wine and evenings in front of a fireplace.

Everything tends to get a little quicker, lighter and easier in Summer with brighter colours and multi-use products become king! It’s no easy feat remaining cool and casual under the blazing sun at the beach but these beach bag must-haves make it that bit easier to perfect Summer beauty by the shore.

Sunscreen is an absolute non-negotiable and unarguably the most important part of your skincare routine. Your beach bag just isn’t complete without it. I’m loving Aspect’s Envirostat. It’s SPF 50+ but doesn’t feel it. It absorbs nicely into your skin leaving no grease or shine and it’s four hours’ water resistant with zero white cast. Definitely one to add to cart.

Salty seas, hot sun and Summer’s breeze can wreak almost as much havoc on your lips as Winter. Avoiding chapped and cracked lips is paramount and Guerlain’s Abeille Royale – Honey Smile Lift is great for that. Its consistency is more that of a moisturiser rather than a gloss or balm like most lip products. It means that you can have hydrated lips and add a little colour on top without worrying about hair sticking to your pout. Win win.

As for colour, less is more when it comes to beachside beauty and for that reason a multi-use tint is the way to go. Products like the Lip to Cheek Tint from The Base allow you to pop a bit of colour on your cheeks, lips and even eyelids for an undone, no-makeup kind of look. For a less pigmented option, Sephora Collection’s Cheek & Lip Tint gives more of a natural, flushed cheek and just-kissed look to your lips. The liquid colour builds nicely on your skin so you really can’t mess it up.

Perhaps it’s an irrational fear but I hate hitting the beach with a sunscreen or moisturiser on my legs that leaves them shining. In my mind, it makes them a sun magnet and only increases my chances of sun damage related aging. No thanks. Instead, I opt for a moisturiser like The Body Shop’s Almond Milk and Honey Soothing and Restoring Body Lotion that leaves my limbs silky smooth and looking healthy with no grease or shine. It also means I don’t end up looking like a crumbed cutlet with sand sticking to every available inch of skin.

Finally, you have to take care of your hair. Nobody wants frazzled and salt damaged ends and failing to both prevent and repair damage is the quickest way to get them. Popping a hair oil into your beach bag is the easiest way to keep your locks smooth and cuticles closed to prevent long-term damage. Using something like the Rose Hair and Body Oil from The Ouai will also prevent tangles, keep your hair hydrated and smooth flyaways in a snap for when you’re heading out after a day on the sand. It also smells amazing and hides that seaside scent.


Featured image

photo by Bonnie Cee

Hair and make-up by Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert

Model Azizi

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