Back to Basics- Beauty Revival


Simplicity is key in getting your beauty game up to scratch, if you’re feeling like your look is getting out of date you need to forget everything you once knew and pull it back to bare basics.

It’s really common that by using the same products, techniques and wearing the same style for years on end without ever hitting the ‘refresh’ button will leave you feeling drab rather than glam. That’s when you know you’ve landed yourself in a beauty rut and it’s time to revamp your routine.

Start your beauty revival by building good foundations- learning how to have great looking hair, work on great skin, buy the right make up, and most importantly learn new styles and new techniques. Every current ‘on trend’ look is built on the basis of looking effortless, so if even if it takes a while to create the look, it needs to look like it didn’t. ‘Understated v overdone’ or “did she spend hours creating that tousled wave? or did she wake up like that?” get it?… Walking on a fine line between done and undone…

To get your beauty game up to scratch you need to break old habits and open your eyes to learning new ways of doing things. Beauty trends are ever changing just as fashion does and if you’re still using the same products in the same way you did 5 years ago, chances are your look is due for an update in the same way your wardrobe would be.



Say Yes to radiant, luminous make-up. Make-up should look natural and moist.

Say No to powdery dry finish foundations. While matte finish is very on trend it needs to be a moist, creamy looking matte foundation that creates a glow from within.

Must Have– Illuminate is your best friend… Mix a liquid illuminate with your foundation and use a powder illuminate to highlight cheekbones, brow bones, and lips. You can never have too much glow!

Essential– Invest in a great quality exfoliant. Avoid abrasive exfoliants with beads or granules in them, and instead opt for an enzyme exfoliant. By regularly exfoliating you’ll rid yourself of dull flaky skin and always look radiant.

Enzyme exfoliants remove dead skin cells more effectively and don’t irritate the skin.



Say Yes to texture, and volume. Find a styling product to apply every time  you style to give you maximum volume and a bouncy lightweight texture.

Say No to perfectly manicured styles. If you curl it, run your fingers through it, if you straighten it give it a shake out, if you braid it loosen it up.  The idea is to have lived in, relaxed, soft hairstyles. No one wants to see too much hairspray either… stiff manicured hair is a big NO.

Must Have- Volume powder….. it’s the best! A little sprinkle on the roots and VA-VA-VOOM! No more flat hair.

Essential- Heat protection spray. Use it each time before you use your straightener or blow dryer and it will significantly protect your hair from damage and maintain natural shine.




Say Yes to matte lipsticks with lip liner for a sharply defined pout.

Say No to dry lips. Keep them smooth with plenty of lip balm.

Must Have– Great mascara. It’s all about BLL (brows, lips, lashes). Bold lips, great brows and full lashes are a match made in heaven.

Essential- Blush, without it your face will look flat and dull. Be it soft or bright, blush will add shape, contour and a natural warmth to the face.