AVEDA SPA- ISIKA At The Crown Metropol

I had a heavenly experience at ISIKA Day Spa at The Crown Metropol Melbourne last week courtesy of Aveda with their latest Tulasa¯ra Dual Exfoliation Peel. This luxury treatment is a holistic experience that transforms skin, body, mind and spirit.

The ISIKA day spa on level 27 at the Crown Metropol is simply stunning, with floor to ceiling windows on every wall that let you fully appreciate the stunning Melbourne city views. First up I had 30 minutes in my private spa room to relax in the steam room, and soak in the spa all whilst looking out over the Melbourne city skyline. Opting for the private spa room was a great idea, and I’d also highly recommend it for a day of indulgence with your other half.


After my 30 minutes relaxing in my spa room, my therapist came in to give me the latest facial treatment from Aveda, the Tulasa¯ra Dual Exfoliation Peel.

The Tulasa¯ra Facial Treatments are customised treatments to meet your individual skin needs. Using innovative techniques and advanced-performance products, these facial treatments deliver high-performance results that transform the look of all skin types. These facials are a plant-powered alternative to microdermabrasion and glycolic chemical peels. Each Tulasa¯ra Facial Treatment begins with a Sensory Confirmation Ritual with one of the Tulasa¯ra Aroma Infusions. My therapist held an array of different oil infusions under my nose and used the one I liked the most throughout the whole facial as a connective thread to enhance the aromatic experience and bring balance to mind, body and spirit, through breath. The dual exfoliation left my skin feeling radiant, dewy and clear.

The whole experience at ISIKA Day Spa was amazing. My combination of private relaxation in the spa room and the Aveda Tulasa¯ra Facial left me feeling relaxed and floaty for the rest of the afternoon.

To book your own experience at ISIKA Day Spa click HERE or to find out where you can have the Aveda Tulasa¯ra Facial near you click HERE.