Are You Eating Mindfully?

Ever sat at your computer eating lunch and been so absorbed in your work you couldn’t really remember what your lunch tasted like? GUILTY.

Or sitting in front of the TV and before you knew it you’d polished off a whole bag of chips or a whole block of chocolate? Yep me too….

When I first heard about the concept of ‘mindful eating’ I knew it was something I needed to learn about.

Mindful eating isn’t a diet, it’s a life skill that simply means you pay attention to what you’re eating and be entirely present and aware of the taste, smell and feeling of fullness you get from your food. The concept of mindful eating has ancient buddhist roots, however its now days with so many digital distractions we need to incorporate it into our loves more than ever. Being mindful of what you eat encourages healthier eating, gives you a healthier relationship with food, and stops you over-eating as you become more aware of the feeling of fullness your food has given you.

Mindless eating is a big contributor to the obesity epidemic, and it’s said that becoming aware and eating mindfully allows you to enjoy a healthy, flexible relationship with food.

“Mindful eating refers to being consciously present whilst consuming foods – this includes both eating with intention, being aware of your emotions and hunger cues, as well as focusing on the taste, smell, mouth feel, and every other sense that is present whilst consuming each mouthful of your meal or snack. It means not consuming food or drinks whilst watching television, or doing other activities that distract you from being present in the moment during the act of food consumption” says Kara Landau expert dietitian.

” Becoming acquainted with your hunger and fullness cues can stop you from over eating, whilst noticing the different emotions that you are experiencing prior to or throughout the consumption of your food can assist you to understand what your trigger points are. This will help you determine whether you are eating out of boredom, stress, emotional pain, or a myriad of other reasons. Determining why you eat certain types of foods can assist you in setting up an action plan that will support you to consume a healthier diet on a day to day basis to reach your weight or wellbeing goals more seamlessly” Kara says.

When asked about the simplest way to start eating mindfully Kara says “I think a very simple, yet often overlooked practice, would be to put your electronic equipment away, such as your phone, laptop or television, whilst eating. In addition, getting in tune with your emotional state prior to consumption of food, and writing this down to start to pick up on themes in your food choices at specific times, could be extremely valuable at bringing awareness to why you are selecting the foods you select”.


Kara Landau “Travelling Dietitian” is a highly proactive Australian nutritional communications consultant, pubic speaker, new healthy product developer, previous media spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, and author of a world wide released publication ‘The Clean Separation’ – empowering young adults to take control of their lives through nutritious dietary choices during a stressful life event. Visit Kara’s website HERE.