Are Active Events The New Going Out?

Is it an unwritten rule that going out must involve one too many glasses of wine and a dreadful hangover that often leaves Sunday a write off? Instead, why not take advantage of one drug that works every time – dopamine, induced by exercise. These happy chemicals produced after a little sweat action won’t leave you embarrassed the following day but feeling great instead. Believe it or not, there are a handful of nighttime events dedicated to activewear and electrolytes, so get your groove on with the following sweat fests.

From The Inside Out

Lets get summer body ready! Join me at Centennial Health Club this Thursday night for a wellbeing workshop designed to get you fit, healthy and inspired for summer. There’s a fun workout with expert PT’s, diet and nutrition advice from leading dietitian Kara Landau and summer beauty advice from me. Tickets are only $15, and everyone takes home a goody bag valued at over $200. Bring your friends!

No Lights No Lycra

This is all about leaving shame at the door and relishing in a good boogie. Just ‘shake it off’ in a pitch black room and let the music guide your hips into a state of bliss. No Lights No Lycra are all about comfort so leave your heels behind and put your kicks on to get the most out of the night. Guaranteed you’ll walk out drenched yet invigorated.

Flow After Dark

Silent yoga discos have taken off in the U.S and are now making a big splash in Australia. In collaboration with Silent Sounds, Flow Athletic, have successfully paired yoga and great tunes to bring Flow after Dark. Get your downward dog on with glow in the dark headphones guiding you through a Vinyasa flow with banger after banger looped through the background of instructions. The room may be silent but the energy it brings is loud.

Don’t miss their biggest and brightest event yet- FLOW AFTER DARK HALLOWEEN on October 27th in partnership with Brita Active and Body Science Green Tea TX100.

The Colour Run Night

Exercise is meant to be fun, which is what the Colour Run Night is all about. Douse yourself head to toe in neon colours for a 5km run under the stars. Think glow in the dark tattoos, headlamps and an abundance of glow in the dark colour packets to last the distance. You don’t have to be uber fit but keen to get a little colourful. This event is intended for friends, so grab a bunch of mates and switch up a typical Saturday night.

 Retro Sweat

Jump back in time to the 1980’s where the leotards were mandatory and the hip thrusts were bang on. Retro Sweat indulges your nostalgic side with 80’s get up and classic beats. Coordination is favourable, but if you’re prepared to give it a red hot go it will be a night to remember. Each night is a different theme, which means no chance of learning the moves but rather going with the flow.

 Laser Tag

This isn’t your obvious cardio workout, but is sure to get your heart racing. Laser Tag involves a large arena where two teams stake out and with the aim of targeting each other with infrared laser guns. When a member is taken out they get to watch the adventure unfold in a separate room of with live footage of the game. This is an adrenalin rush that no amount of tequila will ever achieve!