Apple Stem Cell- Cutting Edge Skin Care

You heard it here! The latest ‘wonder ingredient’ in cutting edge skin care is a rare apple stem cell extract called Malus Domestica. Malus Domestica has been found to stimulate the growth of new human cells. This ingredient possesses unrivalled success at the regeneration of human stem cells and also helps the human stem cells protect and repair themselves from environmental stress particularly UV rays.

Clinical studies found that by applying this apple stem cell extract twice daily it increased stem cell production by over 150% and reduced wrinkle depth in 100% of the subjects over 28 days.

While the apple stem cell wonder ingredient is taking the world by storm, it is only available in limited products here in Australia.

Skin Physics has a range of products containing Apple Stem cell extract. The Skin Physics Cellugen range  has an array of botanical and natural ingredients including the Kakadu Plum which I have posted about before, it is  a potent anti oxidant and rich source of vitamin C.

Stay tuned for my review on the Skin Physics Cellugen Day cream SPF 15+ $59.00 It sounds fantastic and with the ‘wonder ingredient’ I cant wait to try it!!! xx