Ace The Base

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Finding a foundation which is the right colour, consistency and wearability means a certain amount of trial and error, but with this guide you’re on your way to finding your perfect match…. If you follow these helpful tips you’ll be sure to “Ace The Base”.

Prime and Prep.

Always make sure your skin and is prepped and primed for foundation. This means it should be thoroughly clean and hydrated. Prep skin with a moisturiser that suits your skin type and will give you lasting hydration all day. Alternatively  you can use a specific primer before you apply your foundation. By preparing the skin properly you’ll achieve a more flawless finish and it will last you all day without moving.

Switch it up. 

Don’t get it in your head that you have to use the same foundation forever. Switch shades if your skin gets lighter during winter, change consistency if your skin gets drier or becomes more oily. Try a lightweight alternative for the warmer months and don’t forget that the closer your foundation is to your natural skin tone the more natural it will look.


Make sure your foundation doesn’t leave your skin looking or feeling dry. A base that looks dehydrated will look less natural and more cakey. Opt for a luminous finish foundation that suits your particular skin type- dry, oily etc and you will always look radiant. Try mixing a liquid illuminate with your foundation for extra glow.

Less is More.

Go easy on the powder. If you use powders like bronzer or setting powder make sure to use them sparingly. Over powdering will exaggerate fine lines and make the foundation look thick and heavy. Only use bronzer across the sides of the face, under the cheekbones and across the nose. Use setting powder as a light dusting down the centre of the face to stop shine.


Use a foundation with at least an SPF 15 protection. You never know when you’re going to get unexpected sun exposure and it can’t hurt to be prepared by using a foundation which has sun protection in it. If you use a foundation with an SPF you’ll be protecting your skin from irreversible damage, pigmentation and premature ageing.

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Lydia wears Monster Alphabets top.

The Perfect Blend.

When applying your base make sure you’re sufficiently blending. Be careful to blend your foundation up to your hair line and around your jawline. Use your fingers or a soft brush to blend around the nose. If you use a brush or sponge to blend your foundation be sure that you buff the make-up in around the eyes and nose to avoid streak marks or other marks in the folds of your skin. Remember, dont be afraid to use your fingers! They are the best tool around to blend make-up flawlessly. Aside from getting your hands dirty your fingers are the perfect tool, they have warmth which allows you to blend and settle the make-up perfectly into the skin.


Always add contour. Now this doesn’t mean going contour crazy  Kardashian style, it just means add multiple tones to your base. For example never just use foundation, if your face is one colour all over it will look flat and dull. Always add multiple tones to your look by using things like blush, bronzer and illuminate, this will add warmth and soft shape to your face.

Fresh Start.

Please, ALWAYS remove your foundation thoroughly at the end of the day. If you can’t be bothered using a separate make-up remover and cleanser opt for a good foaming cleanser that effectively cleans off all your make-up in one go, you have no excuse, there are plenty of good ones out there! If you don’t thoroughly remove all your make-up before you sleep you’ll end up with blackheads, blocked pores, pimples, uneven, dull  or bumpy skin.

Tools 101

Try- Red Earth Face Time Fluid Foundation, Red Earth Secret Potion Illuminate, Schwarzkopf Strong Styling Spray, Scunci Detangle Brush.