A Timeline for Your Wedding Beauty Prep

We all want to look our best when walking down the aisle and usually that comes down to a meticulously planned series of beauty treatments that polish up our edges to send us on our way with that signature glowing bridal look.

Planning ahead is key. With time on your side, you’ll be able to do your research on both the professionals you’re engaging for each of your appointments as well as exactly what it is you want to achieve from each.

Here’s a timeline to follow for your wedding beauty prep to help you get organised…

Six Months – Skincare Plan

Having a tailored skincare and treatment plan is crucial to achieving that lusted after glow on your big day. Our skin loves routine and consistency is the best way to ensure the skincare products you’re using and in-salon treatments you’re getting are actually given a chance to work.

Six months before your wedding, schedule an appointment with an esthetician or your trusted facialist and be clear about your biggest concerns and top priorities. A treatment plan can then be formulated with enough time between treatments for your skin to properly recover so you get the best results possible come your wedding day.

One Month – Teeth Whitening

You’re going to be doing a lot of smiling on your big day so a bright while smile is one of the best accessories you can have. Depending on your level of commitment when it comes to teeth whitening, you can choose different options that range in intensity and of course, price.

Visiting your dentist is always the safest option and they’ll be able to customise treatments to get your desired shade, which is especially important if you don’t want your teeth as white as can be! One month before your wedding date gives you time to assess your results and either book a second appointment or simply top up with some at-home treatments.

Three Weeks – Hair Cut, Colour and Treatment

If you have a regular hairdresser, they’ll be able to give you a more accurate idea of when the best time to book in is, based on how quickly your colour usually fades. Three weeks is usually a fairly safe bet as this gives you time to settle into your colour and your hair to grow slightly so it doesn’t look too freshly chopped.

Most treatments last 4-6 weeks in your hair or more intense treatments like keratin last 3-6 months so you’ll still be experiencing the benefits of your treatment on your wedding day if it’s applied three weeks out.

Three Weeks – Trial Tan

If you’re not one to regularly get a spray tan or are going to a new salon for your wedding tan, it’s always ideal to have a trial run three weeks before your wedding. That way, you’ll be able to see the result of both the workmanship and the colour of the formula, and assess how happy you are with it.

Three weeks gives you plenty of time to live in the colour and let it begin to fade before having a full body scrub to exfoliate and ensure it’s all off before you go in for the real deal.

One Week – Eyebrows and Lashes

Eyebrows frame the face and make a huge difference to your beauty look. Depending on your desired results, you should consider threading or an eyebrow wax to tidy them up as well as a customised tint.

Microblading is a great semi-permanent option but if it’s something you’re considering before your wedding, it should be booked a few months in advance so your brows have time to heal and the colour has time to settle with a bit of extra time for top-ups if need be.

If you don’t want to wear fake lashes, getting extensions is a great way to achieve a long and fluttering look and you won’t have to worry about them coming unstuck.

Two Days – Tan

Just to be safe, book your spray tan for two days before your wedding. This both gives you time to top up or fix any errors as well as giving the tan plenty of time to fully develop on your skin.

One Day – Manicure and Pedicure

Like hitting two birds with one stone, booking a mani-pedi the day before your wedding ensures your nails are looking great for your big day and you also get the chance to take a timeout and reflect on how exciting of a time your wedding is.

Choosing shellac or SNS nails is the best way to make sure you don’t suffer from any last-minute chips and it’s important that if you’re not happy with your nail colour, you speak up and ask to have it changed.

The Day Of – Hair and Makeup

Getting ready to walk down the aisle is almost as exciting as actually doing it. Get your bridal party together, pop the champagne and enjoy the experience of being pampered.

If you didn’t have a trial run for your hair and makeup, having as many reference photos as possible will ensure you get the look you want. Also, it’s best to ask your hairstylist beforehand when they want you to wash your hair. Some prefer you to wash it the morning of, some the night before and others find styles hold better on hair that is a couple of days post-wash.


Featured image shot exclusively for ozbeautyexpert.com

Photo: Myles Pritchard

Make-Up: Bonnie Oz Beauty Expert

Hair : Rachel Zade using Aveda

Model: Kia Smith

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