A Moisture Kick For My Hair

I’ve recently switched to using the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick range and my hair is LOVING it!

Overall my hair is usually in pretty good shape, but these past couple of months I’d noticed my hair had become dry, more prone to getting tangled, and a bit dull, particularly on the ends.

Just like the rest of my body, my hair was suffering from some serious moisture loss from the lack of humidity in the air.

While we might not experience extreme Winters here in Australia, we do experience extreme variations in air moisture levels, and it’s not uncommon for extreme humidity to suddenly switch to extremely dry air in just a matter of weeks. But dry hair isn’t always a result of the weather, it can also be a consequence of regular colour treatments, diet changes, and damage from heat styling.

Firstly I want to say that dry hair is really annoying! Not only does it look less shiny, it gets tangles in it so easily, and makes your brushing your hair a pain! Literally….

My main concern with finding a new range of products to put the moisture back into my hair, was that a lot of products I’ve used in the past ‘for dry hair’ end up containing a load of oil, and have weighed my hair down and made it look slightly heavy and greasy at the roots. So I went in search of some new products with the priority of finding something that would rehydrate, without the oiliness, and that wouldn’t weigh my hair down.

That’s how I came across Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick– A salon exclusive range (which hairdressers love) for normal to dry, wavy or curly hair. It landed on my desk at the perfect time!

Schwarzkopf have put some serious thought into these products and incorporated a few skin care powerhouse ingredients into the range. With Hyaluronic acid throughout, each product infuses optimum moisture levels into the hair. Hyaluronic acid is known as an excellent hydrating agent that creates long lasting moisture.

It was such a pleasant surprise, to have silky hydrated hair without any sign of oiliness or heaviness after using BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick. My hair felt great, but the thing I liked most was that my hair felt really robust, it had been transformed from feeling brittle and weak, to feeling really strong. It’s like each strand got plumped up a bit, and it felt thicker and stronger.

Once I’d blow dried my hair, it looked and felt amazing!

I’ve really enjoyed the improved hair health that’s come with using the range, and I will continue to use it throughout both Summer and Winter.

Along with the BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Shampoo and Conditioner I’m also using a few other products from the range, which I think all work in harmony together to give the beautiful results I’ve experienced. So here’s what products I use and which order I use them in-

1. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Micellar Shampoo This shampoo hydrates the hair and scalp at the same time as it’s giving a thorough clean. It binds moisture to the hair and also prevents further dehydration.

2. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Micellar Conditioner leaves the hair feeling beautifully silky and hydrated without weighing it down. It helps to restore manageability and shine, and it strengthens the hair.

3. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick BB Hydra Pearl. I always like to add a serum after I wash my hair. It’s a great way to add nutrients and give that salon quality feel to styling your hair at home. This product helps to protect your hair against heat styling, but also adds long-lasting moisture to the hair and improves hair strength. The gel formula has tiny pearls suspended in it containing glycerin which when applied to the hair give little bursts of hydration. It weightlessly conditions the hair.

4. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner. If when I’m styling my hair my ends need a little smoothing, I have a tangle, or some frizz, this ultra fine conditioning mist is perfect for smoothing and taming the hair. I use it straight after washing, but it’s also great when you are styling your hair at any time during the week!

5. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Treatment. This is an intensive treatment I like to use once a week to deeply hydrate and strengthen the hair. It vastly improves shine and hair strength after just one use. This treatment uses Cell Perfector Technology to intensely hydrate the inner structure, while filling any gaps on the outer layer of each hair.

Available at selected hair salons and professional hair care retailers.