A Chat with Charles Worthington- Hair Stylist to the Stars


With a client list including names like Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, and Cameron Diaz it’s no wonder Charles Worthington is known as hair stylist to the Hollywood A-list. When I was given the opportunity to meet, interview and have my hair done by Charles I was a little nervous I must admit. He spends most of his time doing the hair of Hollywood movie stars, so why would he want to do mine? Bonnie who….?

I ended up having a really fun afternoon with Charles, and my hair looked and felt amazing! He is kind and talented and very down-to-earth. We had a chat about travel, celebrity and his uber successful haircare brand Charles Worthington Salon At Home…

Have you ever worked with any big Australian celebrities? Yes Kylie, I love her. She came to the opening of my London salon.

Who is your favourite celebrity to work with? Sharon Stone comes into the salon all the time, I love her. Sarah Jessica Parker is lovely too. They actually shot the last episode of Sex In The City in my New York salon.

Are there any modern day celebrities who you think will make a mark on hair trends in the way that Jennifer Aniston did with her layered style in the 90’s? To be honest when Jennifer did that style people were a bit more conservative with hair cuts and colour, they weren’t very brave. People are now so brave and constantly doing radical things with their hair it doesn’t capture the imagination the same way.

You do a lot of red carpet events, has there ever been a red carpet disaster? Not a disaster as such, but once we decided on a hairstyle for Claire Danes to match the dress she was wearing on the red carpet. We spent hours doing her hair with loads of beautiful soft textured curls and at the last minute she changed her mind and ended up deciding on a different dress. The curly hairstyle did not match at all, so we had to completely change the style and straighten out all the curls we’d spent hours working on!

Do the celebrities tell you which hairstyle they want for a red carpet event? Not really. Usually they have very little input, they just come in and sit down and let us decide what will work best for their overall look.

Moving onto product, is hair really effected by UV rays? YES! Hair suffers significant damage from the sun, it’s really important to use a product with UV protection in it if you go out in the sun for extended periods.

Are there any products which you think will become really popular in the way that Sea Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo have become? People need more education on hair styling products. There are so many different styling products it can be overwhelming, but as they learn how to use them properly they become more confident, and as consumers they buy more of it which begins a trend. The next product which people should learn more about, and start using more of is heat protecting products. Women are using heated styling tools on a daily basis now, which causes considerable damage to the hair.

The spray on Root Concealer in your range is amazing, does it come off on pillows? and do you need to wash your hair after each use? No absolutely not. It doesn’t come off on pillows and you can allow it to build up for a few days before you wash it out.

What do you think of Australia? I love Sydney, It’s an amazing city. It’s been a while since I’ve been here so it’s really nice to be back.

Vegemite or Marmite? I’ve never tried Vegemite but I do love Marmite.

Favourite place in the world to be? At my house in Mykonos on the Greek Islands. I have a house overlooking the sea and I love to head there on the weekends.

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