7 Day Hair Challenge


In the quest for healthy looking hair it turns out that most of us are actually spending far too much time treating the wrong ends of our hair! Its not the ends we should be worrying about. Experts have proven that 99% of our hairs natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp, yet few of us focus on buying products which nourish our scalp.

After being asked to take part in the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy 7 Day Challenge I thought I’d do it out of curiosity and to be a good sport, yet it turns out this is exactly what my hair needed. Prone to be very dry and often frizzy I spend a lot of time doing hair masks and treatments and using anti frizz serums. After using the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner just once I could notice a HUGE improvement! Miranda Kerr is their brand ambassador and with arguably the most gorgeous hair in the business we can only hope our hair could look as good as hers.

When you use both the shampoo and conditioner you can feel that it is rich and really creamy, like a beautiful moisturiser for you hair. Although it feels so rich and creamy it still foams really well and doesn’t leave any residue. After one wash my hair felt amazing! Soft, silky and absolutely frizz free. After each consecutive wash during the week it just got better and better. I can safely say that I loved these products and will continue to use them, they really worked wonders for my hair.

You too can take part in the Clear 7 Day Challenge. You will be sent samples to use for the trial period and when you share your results you will be entered in the draw to win $5000. To register for samples CLICK HERE, challenge starts today and runs until September 22nd.

Do it! For your hair’s sake… xx