WHO looks Sexiest ….

HOT HOT HOT these ladies were smokin at the WHO Magazine Sexiest People party 2011.

I’m loving Jodi Gordon’s fuschia lipstick! Definitely on the ‘to do’ list for the weekend! Add a little bit of gold shimmer under the eye and a nice coat of black liner on the upper eyelid and you have a fresh summer look that is unbeatable! A little bit of self tan for a golden glow wouldn’t go astray either.

Ricki-Lee is looking perfect in peach! A simple tip is to use a peach blush on the cheeks and also use it on the eyelids as an eyeshadow. Add a little bit of brown shadow in the crease and black liner and you have a goregeous summer peach eye.

Montana Cox is looking fab in nudes and brown eyes, lips and cheeks. I love her hair! To recreate this look back comb (tease) the hair on top of the head to add volume then tie back in a loose low pony tail. Pull chunky strands loose around the face and part on the side. Finish with a hair spray which allows for flexibility, you don’t want it looking stiff!