5 Tips to Become a Morning Person

It’s well-known that early risers tend to be more productive throughout the day, sleep better at night and generally feel more awake and energetic. Whether you believe it or not, it’s hard to deny that a bit of extra time in the morning wouldn’t go astray and could make a big difference on your general wellbeing. Not to mention the benefits of extra beauty sleep and more time to perfect your winged liner.

Let me just start by saying that I’m not a morning person. You can argue that it’s because my star sign says I’m attracted by the moon or because I have a habit of staying up writing/getting lost in a Pinterest hole until the earliest hours of the morning.

Either way, it’s only when I’m jet lagged that my body naturally enjoys an early rise without snoozing my alarm over and over. For some reference, my alarm goes off between 7:30-8:30am every day. I’ve come a long way from the 10am sleep-ins I lived for in high school but the thought of getting up before 7am? No, thank you.

But as much as my body says no, my head says yes. If you’re feeling like you could benefit from those few extra minutes in the morning, it may not be as hard as you think.


  1. The first step is an obvious one; you need to get more sleep. It’s not always easy, I know. But small changes like no screens after 9pm, no caffeine or sugar after 5pm and calming essential oils can help.


  1. Next, establish a routine that you can actually stick to. The mind is a powerful thing. If you have a number of steps you take to wind yourself down for sleep, your brain will automatically associate the routine with sleep and know it needs to chill out. Consider something simple like having dinner, going for a walk, showering and completing your nightly skin routine, catch up on a few emails or watch some TV then switch off, read a few pages of a book or magazine, lay out tomorrow’s outfit then get into bed.


  1. This next tip can be one of the hardest. You have to train yourself not to use the snooze button. The effect that those 8 minute intervals of rest between alarms has on our systems actually makes you feel more tired. You can start slowly by allowing yourself to snooze twice only for a week, then once for a week until you bid adieu to the snooze button for good.


  1. Then, as soon as your alarm goes off, sit up and drink a glass of water. Get yourself prepared by having a glass or bottle by the bed at all times. Drinking the water not only helps to wake up your body and get your metabolism going, it’s also great for your skin.


  1. And finally, always do something you really enjoy after that first glass of water. Finding something fun will motivate you to get out of bed. Whether it’s going for a run, taking time to cook a delicious breakfast, sitting outside scrolling Instagram or diving straight into your beauty routine.


The most important thing about becoming a morning person is to put the work in to stick to your routines. Try to go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time each day (of course, exceptions can be made for date night or girls night out).





Featured image via gettyimages.com.au