5 Summer Workout Essentials


If you’ve used not wanting to get your hair dirty as an excuse to get out of a workout its time to think again!

Watch this video!!

These 5 summer workout essentials will keep your skin protected, your hair (and your money)  secure while you work out, and when your done, your hair will still look clean and fresh.

Selected for their effectiveness and major convenience these are the top 5 Summer workout ‘must haves’.


1. Matte Face Sunscreen to keep you protected but also to keep your face matte and not super shiny. Ultraceuticals 50+ Matte Moisturiser $74

2. A Headband to keep your hair off your face and away from sweat, which in turn keeps your hair cleaner. This one also keeps your money and your key secure while you workout- amazing! Scunci Active Headband with hidden storage pocket.

3. Strong Elastics- Because we can’t have you going for a run and your elastic snapping or your ponytail constantly coming loose. These elastics are 3 x stronger than regular elastics and will stay nice and secure throughout your workout. Scunci Braided Elastics $7.95

4. Dry Shampoo– To absorb any post workout oil and give the hair back it’s bounce. Klorane tinted oat milk shampoo $14.99

5. A Dry Shampoo Brush. This is a must! Using a specific dry shampoo brush combined with your dry shampoo, will mean it spreads the product evenly through the hair and absorbs more oil.  Scunci Brushology Dry Shampoo Brush $15.95