5 Hair Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them

We’re all after effortless, bouncy and shiny locks that are strong and healthy. But getting them isn’t so easy. There’s a good chance you’re making a few common mistakes that are hurting your tresses more than you’d think…

  1. Brushing your hair when it’s wet

I’ll put my hand up to admit that my first instinct when I get out of the shower after washing my hair is to brush it. Pre-emptively trying to control the way it dries mixed with my need to be able to run my fingers through it (I cannot stand tangles), means I just can’t help myself. But unfortunately, your hair is at its weakest when wet and is prone to snapping when you drag a brush through it.

Instead, let it air dry a little (or gently towel dry it without scrubbing if you’re impatient) then use a wide toothed comb. Start at the ends and slowly work your way up to the roots being as light and kind to your lengths as possible.

  1. Sleeping with dry shampoo in your hair

It’s only recently that I conceded to the idea that dry shampoo is not a solution for the days I’m too lazy to wash my hair. Sure it’s an absolute lifesaver when it comes to degreasing roots, building volume and adding texture. But it’s designed to extend the life of your hair for one day only. Sleeping with it in your hair can suffocate your scalp and begin to make it do weird things like get flaky or produce extra oil.

Instead, you should use it to give life to your hair in the morning and give it a good wash at night to restart your cycle.

  1. Not using heat protectant

Our beauty routines are complicated enough as it is so we all have those things we skip here and there in an effort to simplify. Using a heat protectant spray or balm when heat styling your hair should not be one of those things. It’s second nature to most to whip the straightener out every morning or your blow drier after every wash. Not using a product to seal your hair, disperse the heat and minimise its damage can have detrimental long term effects.

Instead, keep your favourite heat protecting product right next to the outlet you plug your styling tools into so you never forget to use it. Your locks will thank you.

  1. Using too much product

It may seem ironic after I’ve just told you to always use something but, using too many products and too much of those products can really mess with your hair. It’s like putting things onto your face. Your skin begins to react negatively if it’s being overloaded. Your scalp does the same thing. This goes for everything from nourishing oils, to styling balms and powders and even your shampoo.

Instead, stick to the recommended usage, which is normally a pea size amount for styling products and about two teaspoons for your shampoo and conditioner.

  1. Not having a flexible routine

Probably the most obscure mistake but also the most common. Sticking to the same line-up of products, in the same order for months on end isn’t always the best solution for your haircare needs. Again, just like the skin on our faces, our hair and scalp are prone to change with the elements and react differently at different times of the year and even within your own lifestyle. Sometimes it may need extra hydration, other times your scalp may need a detoxing mask or a dandruff busting formula. Ignoring the signs it’s sending you and sticking to your old favourites could be preventing you from achieving strong, glossy, commercial worthy hair.

Instead, build a rotation of products that address different needs and use your intuition to treat your hair with what it needs at the time. Regular visits to your hairdresser to get their advice will make it easy.




Featured Image credit: Shot for Evo hair on location in NYC

Hair: Lauren McCowan

Make UP: Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert