Rebecca Judd- ‘Beauty Favourites’ and Skin Care Secrets!

Rebecca Judd

Rebecca Judd is one of Australia’s busiest and best known personalities working as a television presenter and brand ambassador for some of the country’s biggest companies. She is a Speech Pathologist, wife to Brownlow medalist Chris Judd and mum to young son Oscar (her greatest achievement to date!).

Rebecca has had an amazingly successful modelling career walking the runway for prestigious labels including Gucci, Prada, and Dior. She is now the host of Channel Nine’s travel show Postcards and will soon begin presenting the weather on Channel Nine’s 6pm news. Rebecca has also recently launched her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog

Rebecca chats with me about her beauty routine and how she manages to keep her skin looking flawless.


*How would you describe your daily skin care routine?

I always put on moisturiser in the morning before my make up and I cleanse at the end of the day before moisturising again. A couple of times a week I use Niacinamide Serum before going to bed.
*Do you have any beauty secrets or rituals you swear by?
If I have worn heavy make up during the day eg. for a shoot, I will do a double cleanse and exfoliate to make sure I remove it all and allow my skin to breathe. If I am spending the day around the house, I don’t wear make up at all to give my skin a break.

* What is the most important aspect to you of looking after your skin?

Making sure it is well hydrated.

*Do you have any products you simply couldn’t live without?

Cetaphil mosturiser.

*What was your last make-up purchase?

MAC eyebrow pencil in ‘lingering’.

*How would you describe your ‘everyday’ make-up style?

Pretty simple, dewy skin with mascara and bronzer

* Has becoming a mum changed the way you look after your skin?

Not really, I have always tried to take good care of my skin.

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