Tips To Help You Apply False Lashes

Applying false lashes can be really tricky and it’s certainly a great example of the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’. No matter how closely you follow all those YouTube tutorials you have saved, sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

So, to help you out, we’ve rounded up our top tips that make applying false lashes that little bit easier. With these tips, you’ll remove a lot of the common problems that get in the way of the perfect false lash application and hopefully begin to nail it to create some really fun eye makeup looks.

Cut your lashes down to size

If you’re using strip lashes, there’s a good chance the strip is going to be too long for your lash line. Even a few millimetres of extra length can make the lashes look unnatural and they likely won’t stick down properly at the ends. Always trim a little off the end where the lashes are the longest to fit your natural lash line.

The glue you use matters

Some brands include amazing glue with their false lashes, others, not so much. So, if you’re having a little trouble making your lashes stick, it’s probably worth investing in a tube of glue that’s proven to stick like the DUO lash glue that you can pick up from MECCA, Woolworths or Adore Beauty.

Take your time

The secret to making lash glue work its best is giving it a little time to dry before putting your lashes on. Most glues will start out white and become translucent as they dry. The perfect time to be taking to your eyes with a glued-up strip of lashes is just as the glue starts to go translucent. This will give it the best chance of sticking in place.

Be wary about reusing your lashes too many times

In an effort not to be wasteful, it’s great if you can use your false strip lashes a few times. A quick oil cleanse after each use will help to remove mascara and leftover glue to keep them in wearable condition. But, your lashes do have a lifespan. Because they’re going to close to your eye, you need to be wary about bacteria. So, always store them hygienically between uses and retire them when they’ve been worn a few times.

Tweezers are your friend

False lashes, particularly individuals, can be really fiddly. So, getting used to handling them with a pair of tweezers will help you exponentially in the long run. Not only does applying your lashes with tweezers help you to get them precisely in place, you can also use the tweezers to squeeze the lashes down onto your natural lashes for a better hold. Just make sure your tweezers have been sanitised first.

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