5 Ways To Wear Blush

Blush can be a controversial beauty product with plenty of people choosing to opt out because of visions of 80’s styles that champion big, bright circles of colours in the centre of the cheek.

But, things have gotten a little more modern and while some blush shades may look a little out there, the key to a natural look is all in the placement. There are plenty of ways to apply your blush to help it shape your face and bring youthful dimension and colour to the face.


Blush is a great way to create definition on your cheeks without using a heavy contour or the darker tones of bronzer. Sweep your colour across the apple and into the hollow of your cheek to create depth.

Image via Oz Beauty Expert


Using blush in place of a highlight provides a lifting effect to the face and helps to bring focus to the eye area. Simply dust colour along the highest points of the cheek and stop at the apple of the cheek.

Image via Milk Makeup


Em Rata has made the naturally flushed look an emerging trend by placing blush horizontally across the face. It mimics a sunburnt look for a fresh and natural colour.

Image via Emily Ratakowski


RiRi made the once runway only look of draping mainstream with her stand-out Met Gala look in 2017. It involves bringing your blush around the eye area onto the lid to create a halo look.

Makeup by Lora Arellano


Wearing blush on the apples of your cheek is a classic look that makes the face look more youthful by bringing fullness to the cheek. Just be sure not to put too much colour below the bottom of your nose of you can pull the cheek down.

Above Photo Bonnie Cee, Makeup by Oz Beauty Expert 

Featured image via Basics By B- shot by Lucy Alcorn, Make-up by Oz Beauty Expert


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