7 hair tools rolled into one!

Imagine if you could take all your favourite hair tools and roll them into one super tool that does it all… 

This is exactly what Vs Sassoon have done with their new Air Style Brilliance!!! And let me tell you it is a GAME CHANGER!

This new heated air styler has 7 different interchangeable heads that can be used for everything, from straightening to a bouncy blow dry, root lifting to frizz taming and so much more.

It requires no prior experience or hair styling expertise, it’s easy to use for everyone and will give you stunning salon quality results at home.

Ok first let’s talk attachments… There are 7 to choose from (my personal fave is the large volumising brush) they are really easy to take on and take off and there is one for every hair styling need. A voluminous blow dry brush, a texturising round brush, and waving round brush, a smoothing paddle brush, a straightening comb (which is also great at giving root lift and volume), a specific attachment for curly hair, and a drying diffuser attachment.

That’s right, drying, straightening, curling, volumising, ALL IN ONE!

All 7 of the attachments have super frizz taming technology, which means you will always get a soft shiny result and it’s perfect for bringing life back into day 2 hair or hair that’s feeling a bit flat or frizzy.

The Air Style Brilliance is perfect for every hair type long, short, thick, thin, curly or straight- you name it! There isn’t a hair type that the Air Style Brilliance wouldn’t suit.

I mentioned earlier that my favourite attachment is the large oval shaped volumising brush… This attachment is giving serious wow factor to my hard to manage hair. It transforms my frizzy, messy hair into a beautiful bouncy blow dry, and it does it in record time too! The large size of the brush means it can smooth my hair in quite big sections, and because of the bend in the brush it gives the hair a smooth bouncy volume. 

When you have curly hair to get a smooth long-lasting blow dry you need the right amount of tension on the hair, and this large brush applies the perfect amount of tension to easily smooth even the curliest hair.

The Air Style Brilliance and all its attachments comes in its own handy little carry case which I’m OBSESSED with. It’s so easy to take with me or throw in my luggage if I’m travelling. 

Most of the time I use the  same two favourite brush attachments, but it’s handy to have all of the different attachments with me just in case I need an emergency touch up root lift, or I’ve been stuck in the rain and need some frizz taming.

The Air Style Brilliance is just so easy to use, in my opinion MUCH easier to use than a blow drier and round brush. I know this is going to be a well loved product because it makes quality hair styling so much easier to do at home. 

It’s convenient, it’s great quality, and it styles your hair so bloody well!

Whether it’s styling freshly washed hair or touching up a style during the week, the Air Style Brilliance is super handy and gives results that are as good as a salon hair style at home.

To shop the Air Style Brilliance click HERE.

For more info on the Air Style Brilliance click HERE

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