The Best Keratin Treatment I’ve Ever Had.

Last week I had the Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Wild Life Hair and my hair has been totally transformed! I honestly don’t remember it feeling this shiny, and smooth ever. It’s even feeling longer, which is strange because it’s not, but it’s been smoothed so much that it now doesn’t frizz up at the slightest hint of humidity.

From the moment keratin treatments hit the mainstream I was first in line to try them out. My notoriously frizzy and curly hair had been a nightmare to manage my whole adult life. Keratin smoothing treatments were definitely a step in the right direction for me, it made styling my hair much easier, and made having smooth hair possible. The only drawback was that you had to leave the keratin in your hair for 3 days without washing it or tying it back!!! That was hard… For 3 days your hair felt stiff and waxy and all you would want to do was tie it up off your face.

At a guess, I’d say over the years I’ve had a keratin treatment on average once a year.

I’ve tried different brands and different formulas over the years but the Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment is definitely a breakthrough formula. The best part of it is that it’s washed out on the spot and you leave the salon with beautiful soft, smooth hair! No more waiting those unbearable 72 hours with the treatment in your hair.

Unlike other Keratin treatments the Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment is completely done once you leave the salon, no waiting to wash it AND you can tie your hair back straight away. Another plus is that because the excess keratin is washed out in the treatment your hair doesn’t feel stiff and full of keratin residue for the next few days. You get the full benefits of the treatment on the very same day.

The Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment is different to other keratin treatments in that it infuses the hair with a half keratin, half silk protein blend. It adds strength to the hair and fortifies damaged hair. The silk protein helps to make the hair shinier and look smoother. No doubt that’s why my hair feels so good!

The minute my treatment was done I could feel the difference, my hair feels super soft and smooth and looks extra shiny.

I used to have to blow dry and then straighten my hair for a good 30-40 min at least. I can now blow dry my hair perfectly smooth in under 10 minutes and it stays that way all day, completely unaffected by the humidity.

The treatment doesn’t get rid of curls, it gets rid of frizz and cuts down the time it takes to style your hair dramatically. It’s perfect for anyone with curly, frizzy or unmanageable hair.

The keratin works best activated by heat, like a quick blow dry. If I do let my hair dry naturally it still has a natural wave/curl but zero frizz. The curls hang down rather than spring out in every direction, and it makes my hair really quick and easy to style, I’d say it cuts my styling time down by 75%. If I use the blow dryer I get really smooth shiny  hair with minimal effort in under 10 minutes. Like I said, styling my hair used to be 40 minutes of hard work!

My treatment will last 3-5 months with the use of the Kerasilk Control Shampoo and Conditioner which acts as keratin top up to your treatment each time you wash your hair. I also have the Kerasilk Control Intensive Smoothing Mask which tops up the keratin and deeply conditions the ends.

I’m completely obsessed and my hair feels amazing!

The Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment comes highly recommended from me, and costs in the range of $250- $450 depending on your hair length and thickness, and the salon.

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L) A rough blow dry before Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment

R) A rough blow dry after the Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment

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