Removing and Reversing Home Hair Colour

I hate to think what I would’ve done without box dye from the supermarket these last few months. I imagine 2 inches of grey regrowth on dark brown hair isn’t pretty, and there’s only so much root touch-up spray you can get away with.

I’m fine with using box dye if I can’t make it to the hairdresser, and for the most part I get good results. But I’m not going to lie, there have definitely been a few times where I’ve chosen the wrong colour or instantly regretted my D.I.Y dye job. In my younger years there were several incidents where my feeling impulsive resulted in having ridiculous bright red, plum or purple hair that I regretted from the minute I saw it.

If I only I knew there was a product that can reverse and remove home hair colour!

Box dyes are great to get you by when you need, but they notoriously leave loads of colour build-up in the hair which can be a nightmare for your hairdresser to deal with, and can also stop you from being able to achieve that perfect tone or the highlights you want.

This month I partnered with Colourless , an at home product that can remove and reverse unwanted artificial hair colour. I thought it was the perfect time to share the Colourless range because it’s something I honestly needed before my first trip to the hairdresser after lockdown.

I was about 5 box dyes in, and I could see a lot of dark brown colour build up in my hair. I also had highlights that had gradually disappeared after several home dye jobs in the past few months. Even though I only applied colour to my roots, the dye seemed to gradually dull the highlights down each time I washed it out.

With my hairdresser appointment looming I decided to use Colourless to get out what colour I could, in order for the hairdresser to be able to start with a blank canvas and be able to bring out my highlights again. A job that would have been much harder if not impossible to do with excessive dark brown dye build-up in the way.

It’s also important to know that I am super wary of what I do to my hair these days. In the past I have seriously f’d up my hair, bleaching, dying etc. It took years for it to grow back and recover, and I swore to never do anything risky or damaging to my hair again. Consequently before I used Colourless I read dozens of online reviews and articles, along with all the info about the product on the website to make sure it was safe and gentle.

The way Colourless works is that it breaks the bonds of the artificial colour molecules so that they then wash out when you rinse out the colourless product. It works on red, brown, black and it doesn’t contain any bleach or ammonia.

What I will say, is that once you’ve done the colour removal you’ll probably want to go to the salon for a touch up as they are the experts at dealing with any brassy undertones. To see what result you’ll get I’d highly recommend doing a strand test beforehand, this will give you an indication of what the hair will look like after you use the product. In my case the dark colour build-up was gone, but it was brassy and in desperate need of a toner.

I can confirm Colourless didn’t damage my hair or even dry it out for that matter, and it successfully removed a lot of colour build-up from my hair. I can see my highlights again!

Colourless is easy to use and all it requires is to mix the solutions, apply it to the hair and let it develop for 45 minutes before you rinse it out. The instructions suggest to wait 48 hours before colouring your hair again.

Colourless is such a good product to know about! It successfully removes unwanted hair colour and is safe and gentle to use.

Colourless is available at lots of big retailers and is quite easy to locate if you think you need it. For stockists click HERE.

There is also a video you can watch on how to use it and my experience HERE.

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