The Most Popular In Clinic Skin Treatments

YAY we’re on our way out of lockdowns and covid restrictions and many of us want to invest in our skin. Here is our guide to the best in clinic skin treatments. Most of my clinic suggestions are Sydney based clinics, but these treatments are widely available in most locations.

Once upon a time, spa and in-clinic treatments were seen as a luxury only few could afford to indulge in. Now though, with so many options available and high quality treatments becoming more affordable, salon skin treatments are becoming a necessary investment for clear, youthful and glowing skin.

To the unfamiliar, they can all seem a little confusing. From skin tightening to pigmentation removal, microdermabrasion to hydro dermabrasion with lasers, needles and peels in between. It’s a lot to wrap your head around and even harder to match the treatment with your skin concerns.

Well, wonder no more. Keep reading for a little insight into a few of the more popular treatments and which ones might be right for you.


Using a handheld wand, microdermabrasion involves passing micro crystals across the surface of the skin to buff away dead skin cells. It helps to clear out your pores and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin to leave you looking glowing. The exfoliation can also help in the prevention of fine lines and texture.

It feels like a sucking motion as the wand is moved along the skin and is pretty gentle in the right hands. It’s suitable for a lot of different skin types and is great for facials when you want to slough away dead skin before applying a chemical peel.


An update on microdermabrasion treatments, hydro dermabrasion uses a saline solution and oxygen to gently resurface the skin and exfoliate away blockages and dullness. The device will spray a Jetstream of water droplets against the skin while the oxygen helps to control the motion ensuring you don’t end up saturated.

It’s generally suited to all skin types and is great as a maintenance treatment for people dealing with congestion and the beginning signs of ageing skin.

Hydrafacial is a favourite of mine.And my gosh it leaves your skin feeling great! Read more about it HERE


Targeting sunspots, freckles and age spots, pigmentation removal treatments generally involve using a laser to zap away your pigment. In general, these lasers use an intense light beam to absorb and scatter pigment in the skin. The pigment darkens initially, then dries out and flakes off revealing lightened skin underneath.

There are plenty of different brands of lasers and names for treatments that can make things pretty confusing. Fraxel, PicoWay, Laser Genisis and GentleLase by Candela are all examples of pigmentation removal treatments using lasers.

I love Fraxel! I’ve had the treatment 3 times over the years and it has transformed my skin and almost completely rid me of melasma.

Contact the Clinic HERE


Cosmetic peels, also known as chemical peels, have been a popular beauty treatment for decades and come in varying strengths depending on your concerns. There are gentle peels that help to give you a little glow by using AHAs and enzymes to slough dead skin cells off the surface. Then, there are peels infused with BHAs that can help to target acne, and even stronger varieties that work to deeply exfoliate the skin and fade away pigment.

Stronger cosmetic peels will target the first few layers of your skin and cause dryness, flakiness and then shedding over a number of days. Cosmelan is an example of a popular pigment targeting peel, and you may have heard of a Deep-Sea Peel or Purple Peel. These are all different brands of cosmetic peels.


Skin needling goes by a lot of different names; mesotherapy, micro needling, derma rolling, derma-stamping, dermapen treatments. The name used is usually dependent on the brand of the product (i.e. dermapen is abrand name for a device), or the action used.

Skin needling will either be performed using a pen like device with small needles that move up and down to gently pierce the skin’s surface. Some devices have a flat surface of needles that are stamped onto the skin and others are cylindrical in shape and covered in fine needles that are rolled over the surface of the skin.

The aim of all of these treatments is to create micro injuries that stimulate collagen and help to create channels in the skin to deliver your skincare a little deeper.

If you’d like to know more Realself has some great info HERE


Probably one of the gentlest treatments, LED light treatments use a variety of light wavelengths to target concerns in the skin. Blue light helps to kill acne causing bacteria, yellow light has a healing effect, and red light helps with the stimulation of collagen production.

It’s suitable for a lot of skin types, even sensitive and is a popular addition to many other treatments. You’ve probably heard the words omnilux or dermalux thrown around when talking about LED light treatments. These are just brand names for the most popular devices used.

I you’re in Sydney Shape Clinic Darlinghurst are my favourite for LED light skin treatments. Contact them HERE

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