Instantly Reduce Breakage and Split Ends By Up To 99%

I’ve been in need of a salon appointment these past few months, for both my regular colour and also to sort out my dry split ends. Usually I’d just go in for a trim when I see too many split ends, but because I’ve had no choice but to DIY everything beauty related lately, I‘ve stumbled upon a game-changing hair product range that literally transformed my split ends after just one use.

I was pretty sure that the last inch of my hair was beyond the point of no return and was destined for the chop, but the Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro range managed to revive it. These products magically reduced my split ends and breathed new life into the lengths of my hair.

I used the whole range- Shampoo, Conditioner etc but the real MVP’s for me were the Bond Pro 60 second Treatment and the Bond Pro Day & Night Bond Booster.

Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro 60 Second Treatment

I used the 60 second treatment after shampoo & conditioner. This treatment works quickly and instantly strengthens the hair fibres by up to 100% in 60 seconds. Wow!

It helps prevent breakage and split ends and seals the cuticle to make it nice and smooth. It’s a lightweight gel like treatment, it doesn’t weigh down the hair and it’s easy to rinse out.

Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro Day & Night Bond Booster

Once I had towel dried my hair, I applied a walnut sized amount of the Bond Pro Day & Night Bond Booster into the lengths and ends of my hair. This Booster has the highest concentration of Inter-Amino-Bond-Builder in the range, so this is where the real magic happens!

I focused on applying it thoroughly to the areas I know I have lots of breakage and split ends. This is a leave-in formula and instantly reduces breakage and split ends by up to 99%!!! It also adds long lasting strength to each individual hair strand.

After applying it you just style your hair as usual.

I’ll post a before and after of my hair, it’s AMAZING! The split ends were totally transformed into soft, shiny, healthy looking ends!

Without a shadow of a doubt these two miracle workers have reinvigorated and revived the ends of my hair. And that’s after using it once, imagine using it regularly!

If you’re concerned with breakage, damage or split ends the Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro Range can bring back shine, strength and resilience to your hair even where you thought it wasn’t possible.

If you want the full effect, I’d definitely recommend using the Dualsenses Bond Pro Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner as well together, as each product compliments each other and using them all together will give you the most greatest  transformation.

Look at this before and after! My hair was so dry and brittle it just poked straight up and didn’t even bend. On the right it has been transformed to look and feel soft, smooth and healthy. This is on the same day after just one use!

I’ve got a video showing the result over on the gram which you can check out too @ozbeautyexpert

To find out more about the Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro range click HERE.


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