Your Ultherapy Questions Answered

My recent article and IGTV on Ultherapy gained a lot of interest, so as a follow up I thought I’d ask an expert some further questions for those of you who are really considering having the treatment. Ultherapy is a non surgical skin lifting and tightening treatment, if you missed my initial article you can check it out HERE, it has all my before and afters and lots of info about Ultherapy.

Dr Stephen Lowe is an Ultherapy expert and the doctor who I’ve had both of my Ultherapy treatments with.

I thought it would be helpful to hear a little more about this fantastic treatment from the perspective of a doctor who also loves it.

How do you explain what Ultherapy is to your patients?

I like to think of Ultherapy as a foundation treatment: getting targeted and controlled amount of heat energy deep under the skin surface to stimulate collagen at the deeper layers of our face. By stimulating collagen in these structures, we can create firming, lifting and support deep in the foundations of the face. A strong foundation = a strong base to build on! No point building a house on weak foundations!

Who is the ideal candidate for Ultherapy?

Ultherapy can be a great option when you are starting to notice some sagging and looseness to your skin. As soon as you start holding your cheek up at your cheekbone and saying “if only I had a bit of lift here” is the time to start thinking about Ultherapy! Ultherapy is suited to those people who want to invest in their face to ensure a long term, natural appearance. There is no quick fix with Ultherapy- the results evolve over a number of months to create a firmer, lifted appearance.

Why do you choose to offer Ultherapy in your clinic?

I’m first and foremost a doctor, so any treatment I offer in my clinic has to be backed by solid science, proven results and a good safety profile. Ultherapy ticked all these boxes and has been rated as the Gold Standard in skin tightening and tightening.

When considering an Ultherapy treatment what do we need to look out for or be aware of?

There are a number of other skin tightening devices available now, which I think is great: competition drives innovation and innovation is helping push cosmetic medicine forward at a great pace. However, not all skin tightening devices are equal. Many similar devices have insufficient safety data or clinical results to support their efficacy. Look for an authentic Ultherapy provider by searching

Describe some of the positive results you’ve seen on your patients? Are there any standout before and afters?

I have patients who have an Ultherapy treatment once a year as part of their cosmetic maintenance treatments. They are committed to staying on top of the ageing process. They are never looking “done” or over treated. They look fresh, healthy and natural. We can’t avoid the ageing process but we can make sure we look as good as possible for our age!

Any tips on finding a good practitioner for Ultherapy?

Like most treatments, experience matters!  Do your homework, ask the right questions and look to for registered Ultherapy providers.


As you’ve probably guessed Ultherapy isn’t cheap, it’s an advanced high-end technology with real results. Compared to an actual facelift though it’s much kinder on the purse strings, much less painful, and has zero down time.

 At Muse Clinic I had my jawline, cheeks and chin treated which costs $2,500. To treat the upper face at Muse Clinic the cost is $1000, décolletage costs $1200, and the full face, neck and décolletage is $4,500.

The Ultherapy page has some fantastic before & afters which you can check out HERE.

You can get in touch with Dr Lowe at Muse Clinic in Chatswood, by contacting the clinic HERE  or calling  02 9904 7279. And if you’re not based in Sydney you can find your nearest Ultherapy practitioner HERE.

This article was sponsored by Merz Aesthetics.













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