These Are The Vitamins That Could Help Your Skin

We’re no stranger to inner beauty supplements with a kitchen cupboard full of pills, powders and potions designed to promote health, wellbeing and glowing skin. But with a shiny new ingestibles brand launching practically every week, it can be easy to forget that going back to the basics and focusing on upping your vitamin intake is all you may need to see big changes in your skin quality.

And, if you’re worried about blowing your beauty budget on expensive supplements, you’re in luck because these options can be picked up from your local supermarket or chemist for pretty affordable prices.

Here are the vitamins you could take to improve your skin…

Vitamin C

Perhaps one of the best all-rounder vitamins, vitamin C is great for so many things including immune health and stimulating collagen production. It works as a powerful antioxidant and helps fight environmental aggressors that cause signs of ageing while also preventing collagen synthesis and the breakdown of structural proteins in the skin. It’s easy to find in the supermarket in tablet form or you can turn to strawberries, capsicum, broccoli and of course, oranges.

Vitamin D

We all know a small and controlled amount of sunshine is great for your general wellbeing. Unfortunately, the potential damage isn’t always worth the skin benefits, so supplementing vitamin D through tablets and food can be necessary. Vitamin D is crucial for creating healthy skin cells and managing skin tone. Salmon, tuna and cod are all naturally high in vitamin D and there are plenty of supplement options to be found.

Vitamin E

Popularly used as part of a topical skincare routine, you may also see some big beauty benefits when ingesting vitamin E. It’s found in foods like avocado, pumpkin and wheat germ oil as well as many multivitamins and helps to heal and protect the skin barrier, keep skin moist and fight signs of premature ageing.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential in aiding the body’s process of blood clotting, which helps the body heal wounds, bruises, and areas affected by surgery. The basic functions of vitamin K are also thought to help certain skin conditions, such as stretch marks, dark undereye circles, dark spots and scars. You can increase your intake by eating kale, spinach, lettuce cabbage and green beans.

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