Tips For Growing Out Your Hair

Sometimes it can feel like a never-ending journey trying to grow your hair, and if you’re not going about it the right way, it can be. There are plenty of things we all do in our everyday haircare routines that actually prevent growth so having a game plan will not only make the process seem more manageable, but actually speed up growth as well.

Here’s our list of tips to grow your hair longer…

Break up with your hot tools

I’ll be the first to admit that being told to go without hot tools feels like being told to skip moisturiser in your skincare routine. Long story short, it’s hard. But it’s so worth it. Heat is one of the biggest killers for your hair and causes split ends that will slowly get higher into the hair shaft and prevent your hair from growing. If you absolutely have to use a little heat, always use a heat protectant spray first.

Always use a UV heat protectant

Even if you are able to commit to going without hot tools, you should still be using a heat protectant cream or spray, but make sure it’s one with UV protection. The heat from the sun does real damage to your hair and a UV protecting product will really help to improve the integrity of your hair strands and keep them stronger in order to get longer.

Choose gentle hair ties

Going without hot tools will probably mean you’re wearing your hair up a lot more than usual. There are plenty of great up-dos you can try but be sure to use a gentle hair tie. Using super tight or plastic hair ties can cause your hair to weaken and snap where the band is tied, again preventing healthy growth. Scrunchies are great because they’re looser and therefore gentler.

Invest in some hair accessories

Another way to encourage yourself to opt for wearing your hair up is to invest in some hair accessories. Claw clips are really having a moment and are a stylish way to make un-styled hair look done and polished. Hair clips will sort out any fringe pieces that are growing out and add some flair to buns or braids.

Go for regular trims

Healthy hair is strong hair and strong hair is long hair. Split ends happen, and the only way you can get rid of split ends is by chopping them off. Going to the hairdresser every 6 to 8 weeks for a ‘dusting’ that just takes off the split ends, rather than a big cut every few months is going to help you gain some extra length.

Swap to a gentle shampoo

Shampoo with sulphates can be really drying on your hair and accelerate brittleness and breakages. There are so many great shampoos that will still give you a really good clean without stripping your hair and help to retain a bit of moisture. And while on the topic of shampoo, it’s a bit of a myth that you should be stretching out your washes to only once a week. Sure, washing your hair everyday isn’t ideal, but don’t feel like you have to live through a few extra days of greasiness. Keeping your scalp healthy is more important and if that means washing a few times a week, you should! Just do it with a gentle sulphate-free shampoo.

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