Brow Products You Should Have On Your Radar

With most of Australia back in face masks, likely for the foreseeable future, upping your eye game will be the best way to flex your makeup skills and ensure your hard work is actually seen. A good set of brows can really change a face, with or without a mask, so it pays to get them on point and looking great.

Of course, a professional appointment would be nice, but for now we’re turning to some of our favourite products that make shaping and styling your brows a breeze.

MCo Beauty Brow Stroke Feathering Brow Pen

For easy, realistic brow strokes that make a feathered look quick to achieve, the MCo Beauty Brow Stroke Feathering pen will be your new go-to. It has a felt pen like tip that is precise and pigmented and allows you to draw on natural looking hairs that give your brows depth and dimension without making them too much darker.


Mecca Max Brow Guru Super Soap

Soap brows are all the rage at the moment and achieving that fluffy and brushed-up look couldn’t be easier than with the Brow Guru Super Soap from Mecca Max. You simply spray water or setting spray into the soap, rub a brow spoolie into it and brush it through your brows to get the shape you’d like. It dries them in place without looking waxy or crunchy and allows you to really control your shape.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

If you like a soft ombre style brow, the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil from Hourglass makes it easy to create. It features a triangular shaped tip that allows you to create fine hair like strokes or fill in larger areas of your brow in seconds. And the it uses an innovative powder to wax formula so you get a soft filled in look that actually stay put and never crumbles.

1000Hour Lash & Brow Dye Kits

These kits are a game changer. Easy to use, available in multiple shades and a boost of colour that lasts up to six weeks, you’ll be able to keep your brows and lashes looking fresh between appointments and save on the cost of in-salon tinting. They’re easy to use and hard to get wrong adding a natural looking tint to your brows that instantly helps to shape your face.



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