The Beauty Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Any beauty obsessed person knows you simply can’t get enough information. And, the latest way to absorb all of the educational goodness that’s out there, is podcasts. There are so many amazing podcasts availble with more and more being added to Apple Podcasts and Spotify every day so navigating them can be confusing.

When you’re short on time and want to ensure you’re focussing on only the best, choose from our curated list of the best beauty podcasts.

Forensic Nutritionist

We all know beauty starts from within and no one teaches that better than nutritionist and skin expert, Fiona Tuck. Between her own expertise and the stellar line up of guests, this podcast offers a no BS approach to caring for your skin and your health.

Fat Mascara

Co-hosted by Jen, Ex-Beauty Director of Marie Claire US and Jess, Beauty Director of Harper’s Bazaar US, you can bet you’re going to get a healthy mix of expert commentary and personal opinions from these seasoned beauty editors.

Second Life

While it’s not strictly a beauty podcast, host Hilary Kerr co-founded Who What Wear and Byrdie, one of the biggest beauty websites there is, and often has beauty brand founders on to spill their business secrets.


Have a fascination for cosmetic procedures? Co-hosts Ella and Katelin chat through all things nips, tucks and going under the knife with some of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetics professionals.

The Glossy Beauty Podcast

Glossy is one of the States biggest business news platforms so you can expect some serious business gravitas from their beauty focused podcast. Host Priya Rao chats to founders, CEOs, CMOs and representatives from the biggest beauty companies across the globe talking about everything from getting their start in the business to the current and future state of the beauty industry.

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