Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair. Why You Need An Anti Ageing Routine For Your Scalp

Most of us have considered anti ageing skin care at some point in time. 

Anti ageing products and treatments for our face are extremely popular for the obvious reason that looking great does wonders for our self esteem. But when you consider that our hair plays such a significant part in our overall appearance too, it seems strange that most of us completely ignore the skin on our scalp.

Any dermatologist will tell you that the condition of your hair is a direct result of the health of your scalp. The healthier the scalp, the better the colour, quantity and quality of hair.

Oxidative stress is what causes scalp ageing. It’s caused by UV rays, pollution, chemical stress from colouring, hot and cold, and ageing in general. On an ageing scalp oxidative stress can cause dandruff, itching and dryness. While it doesn’t necessarily show up in everyone, it can be a signal that your scalp needs a little extra attention. If your scalp is under constant oxidative stress, the hairs emerging from it will show signs of damage. The hairs that emerge from your scalp are a direct reflection of its health.

Additionally, as the skin on our scalp ages the depletion of collagen in the skin causes changes in the hair follicle. This results in a reduction of the growth cycle and the hair becoming thinner or finer. The age related changes in the sebaceous glands and surrounding cells in the scalp can also effect the shine and lustre of your hair. 

Consequently these common signs of ageing on the scalp will effect the manageability and the appearance of your hair as you age.

I’ve been suffering from a constantly itchy, flaky scalp for the past few months thinking it was just dandruff. But after doing my research I’ve learnt that what I was suffering is actually a common sign of ageing and having previously given zero thought to taking care of the skin on my scalp it’s becoming apparent that now I really need to.

So, what can I do to fight the signs of ageing and maintain a healthy scalp?

I’ve found that what my scalp needs is a couple of dedicated products that are actually haircare, but work like anti ageing skin care.

The Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize range offers an array of skin care inspired products designed to rejuvenate the scalp. All Kerasilk Revitalize products are enriched with Ectoin – one of Nature’s most powerful protectors that shields the scalp from oxidative stress.

This is what I’ve been using- 

Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize Exfoliating Pre Wash

This is a gritty exfoliant designed to slough away dead skin build-up and give the scalp a deep clean. It purifies pores and helps the skin to rejuvenate.

I love the feeling of thoroughly getting rid of all that flaky skin. I use this before I shampoo. 

Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize Detoxifying Shampoo & Serum

This duo has been game changer for me. The Shampoo deeply cleanses my scalp and removes dandruff, and it infuses it with vital hydration. 

The serum helps to balance the skin, restore its natural protective barrier, help remove dandruff and hydrate the scalp.

I use the shampoo and follow it with the serum which sprays easily onto the scalp and doesn’t leave any residue in the hair.

So far I’ve noticed a vast difference in the feeling of my scalp. It’s much less itchy and the flakiness is minimal. These products seem to have cleansed away the dandruff and soothed my scalp a lot. With continued use I’m sure I’ll see more improvement and manage to keep the dandruff at bay.

Check out the Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize range HERE

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