How To Nail The Soap Brow Trend

Brows have been one of the hottest beauty topics for years now. The trends seem to change every few months and we have to say, we love getting to experiment with new brow looks!

The latest trend, taking over from the perfectly groomed and powdered Instagram brow, is soap brows. You’ve likely seen the term pop up in YouTube tutorials and splashed across your Insta feed, but what exactly are soap brows? And, how can you nail the trend for yourself?

Playing into everyone’s love of bushy, natural and bold brows, soap brows are a blend of the manicured brows we saw in 2019 and the wild and free brow of 2020. And, the best thing is, you can still achieve the look without having naturally thick brows. In fact, it’s best suited to people with finer brows.

Achieving the soap brow look involves using soap-like products that contain waxy ingredients, or, like some people, an actual bar soap. You wet the solution then load up a spoolie brush with the soapy product and brush it upwards through the brow.

But, there are a few tricks to make nailing the trend easy every time…

Don’t wet the product too much – You need the soap to stay a little tacky so adding too much water will prevent you from getting hold.

Use setting spray instead of water – On the topic of getting hold, using a spritz of setting spray onto the soap before you rub your spoolie in it ensures your brows stay in place all day.

Choose transparent soaps – There are plenty of great soap brow products on the market now but if you’d like to keep things simple and use actual soap, use one that is transparent in colour to avoid white flakes through your brows.

Set your brow in place with your finger – Once you’ve brushed the soap product through your brows, gently press them down with your finger to help hold them in place. You’ll be absorbing a little bit of the moisture and ensuring they stick up in the position you’ve brushed them.


Main image via @meccamax

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