This 30-Second Shower Trick Will Completely Change Your Wellness Routine

The modern beauty routine can be an excruciatingly time-consuming and expensive process. So, when we come across a wellness and beauty ritual that’s low-cost and only adds thirty seconds to our daily shower, you best believe we’ll be trying it out.

Those who binge watched The Goop Lab on Netflix will be familiar. The practice is part of the Wim Hoff Method, a three-pronged approach to achieving superior health through hacking the science of cold therapy, breathing and commitment.

Basically, it tells us we need to shock our bodies into rapidly repairing and protecting ourselves. By simply turning your taps to cold and submerging your body for the last 30 seconds of your shower, every day, you’ll be tapping into the science behind the Wim Hoff Method. As a result, you can experience a strengthened immune system, better lymphatic drainage, improved sleep and mental focus.

Of course, there are also the more superficial beauty benefits that, let’s be honest, are what really make that freezing 30 seconds worth it. Cold water is great for the health of your scalp and helps to add a little extra shine to your hair by encouraging the cuticles on the outside of your strands to seal.

It has a similar effect on the rest of your body by soothing your skin, calming any irritation and promoting a temporary tightening effect as the skin contracts under the cold. The temperature change also helps to reduce any dryness that hot water causes to your skin which can make a big difference in your pursuit of soft, smooth and hydrated skin.


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