Easy Ways to Pump Up the Volume in Your Hair

We all love that fresh blow dry feeling when your hair seems to have reached new heights and looks shiny, soft and voluminous all at the same time. Unfortunately, volume can be fleeting and for those of us with thin and fine hair, it’s not always easy to achieve those salon quality tresses at home.

Luckily, there are a few easy tips you can use to invite a little volume into your hair and help it actually stick around. These tricks allow you to create voluminous styles without the crunch and crumble of old-school mouses our parents used to use to achieve volume, but will instead leave your hair big, bouncing and looking and feeling healthier than ever.


Choose voluminising shampoos and conditioners

Hair products that promise bouncing locks and a serious volume boost may feel like a gimmick but these guys actually work. When used in conjunction with each other, volumizing shampoos and conditioners work to improve the health of your hair, thicken each hair strand and provide weightless volume to your roots. If you’re not seeing results, the answer may be your scalp. Product build-up can weigh down hair so invest in a scalp scrub before diving back in to your volume boosting regime.


Blow dry the roots of your hair upwards

Quick, simple and free, this easy trick will make a big difference to your blowout with very little effort. Instead of focusing the nozzle of your hair dryer downward as you blow dry the roots of your hair, flip your head upside and dry your roots in the opposite direction. If you have the coordination, you can use a round blow dry brush to pick up the hair at the root and dry it in an upward direction. Just be sure to smooth out the very top layer by directing the air from your dryer down the cuticle as the final step.


Create an upward bend at the root with your straightener

You don’t need to opt for big bouncy curls to create a voluminous hairstyle. If you love to straighten your hair or want just a little bend through the ends, rather than curls, you can create instant volume my making an upward bend at the root with your straightener. Simply gather a small section of hair in your straightener like normal and instead of pulling it downward, curl the straightener up and away from your root before curling it back around a few centimetres down the section of hair.


Spritz dry shampoo onto the roots

Dry shampoo isn’t just for soaking up excess oils on the last days before you have to wash your hair again. It’s actually a great tool for adding thickness and body to the root of your hair and can be applied even to clean roots to fake some extra volume. Simply spritz it onto the roots and give your hair a gentle scrub to create a little texture. Unlike when you’re trying to clean your hair with dry shampoo, you shouldn’t brush the excess out because you’ll likely take away the volume you’ve just created. Just let it be!


Use a texturising spray through your ends

Creating a voluminous hairstyle isn’t just about lifting your roots. Adding a little movement and texture through your ends is a great way to pump up the volume and make you look like you have thicker hair overall. A lightweight texturizing spray will take big curls, tousled waves or even straight and sleek hair to new levels of volume without disrupting your style. Simply spray it through the ends before tousling your hair and pulling sections apart to create volume.


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