Amazing Body Care Treatments

Modern beauty routines have become an exploration into holistic living and we love to see it. From our skincare routines, to diets and lifestyles and even mental health care, we’re seeing more and more the benefits of understanding how interconnected every aspect really is.

And while our faces have been getting all of the attention, there’s been a rise in treatments that focus on our bodies and allow us to easily take our holistic routines that one step further. Here are our favourites to look into when you’re ready to start loving your limbs and little harder.


Saunas have been used for centuries to help treat a range of health conditions but it’s their newer counterpart, infrared saunas, that have our attention.

Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you, an infrared sauna uses electromagnetic radiation to warm your body directly. Penetrating deep into your body giving you a better quality sweat at lower temperatures, infrared saunas help offer relaxation, detoxification and muscle recovery. When it comes to skin benefits, a sauna sesh will truly deliver, helping to boost circulation giving you tighter and brighter skin with time.


If a sweat session isn’t for you, cryotherapy, which literally means ‘cold therapy’, takes it to the other extreme to give you major body benefits. Loved by athletes, cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to numb pain caused by injuries, migraines or more serious concerns like arthritis. It’s also been shown to help with skin concerns like dermatitis by increasing antioxidant levels in the body and simultaneously reducing inflammation.

If you can stand the cold, studies are even being undertaken to test the effectiveness of cryotherapy on acne meaning some serious skincare benefits may still be to come.


While we all love a relaxing session with a talented massage therapist, lymphatic massage takes the beauty benefits one step further. Our lymphatic system works as a drainage system carrying fluids through our body and essentially helping to remove toxins in support of our immune system. A lymphatic massage stimulates the drainage of that system and can help to boost immunity while also reducing puffiness and water retention. It’s actually quite a light an enjoyable treatment that can leave you feeling tighter, lighter and less bloated.

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