How to Save Your Hair from Too Much Sunshine and Salt Water

Summer may be kind on the soul but unfortunately it doesn’t always play nice with our skin and hair. From the heat to the drying effects of salt water, chlorine and our habit to laze in the sun while our hair dries to a crunchy mess can upset your hydration levels and cause real damage. And don’t get us started on pesky UV rays!

Luckily, a few easy changes to your routine is all it takes to show your locks some love and keep your mane under control. Here’s how…

Use a UV protecting primer or styler

Like our skin, our hair needs protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Without protection, UV rays can actually damage the cuticle of your hair leading to a loss of hydration, shine and it can even cause your colour to fade. There are plenty of lightweight priming sprays and styling creams that offer heat and UV protection to keep your hair in its best condition. Some to try are…

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer


ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

Always rinse your hair after swimming

Salt water and chlorine both have a habit of wreaking havoc on your hair’s cuticle and breaking down the outer layer that holds hydration and shine, especially when we then bask in the sun with wet hair. Whenever possible, rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming and you’ll quickly notice how much softer your hair feels when dry.

Rotate a hair mask into your regular washing routine

Now is not the time to be saving your favourite hydrating hair masks for that rogue Sunday night treat. Instead, incorporate a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment in place of your conditioner once a week, or every third or so wash if you’re a daily washer. Some of our favourites are…

Schwarzkopf Professional Fibre Clinix Hydrate Treatment


O&M The Power Base

Try to avoid brushing your hair when wet

Our hair is at its weakest when wet so taking even a wide tooth comb to wet and tangled can cause breakages and split ends. Allow your hair some time to dry before you go at it with your comb or brush and invest in a tangle spray or leave-in conditioner if you find you have knots that need to be taken care of before brushing.



Featured image:

photo: Thom Kerr

Make-up: Bonnie G Oz- Beauty Expert

Hair: Iggy Rosales

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