How to Get A Few Extra Days Out of Your Fake Tan

Summer hasn’t exactly brought on the sunshine, at least in Sydney, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been taking every excuse to whip out our favourite Summer looks. And of course, no Summer sundress is complete without a healthy, and most importantly, safe, faux tan.

By now you’re probably an expert in getting the tan on to reveal smooth, bronzed and streak-free legs, but how do you make your tan last longer? Save yourself some time and squeeze a few extra days out of your faux glow with these helpful tips.

Start with some solid prep work

Any faux tanning pro will tell you a long-lasting and streak-free tan begins with a good exfoliation and some serious hydration. Not only does it help to give you a better result from day one, it ensures your limbs are still looking lovely and bronzed days later.

Moisturise every day post-shower

I know it sounds like a lot of extra effort but once you get into the habit of using a body moisturiser after your daily shower, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. It should only add a minute or two to your daily routine and really does help the health of your skin and longevity of your tan.

Reapply around days three or four

Topping up your faux glow when it’s still in good condition is the easiest way to extend it. The key really is to get that second application on before any fading or patchiness occurs so you’re not battling to make your colour even. The top up will deepen the colour a little initially but when done right can give you up to an extra week of bronze perfection.

Tan your face and neck separately

Nothing gives away a fake tan faster than those patches that form around the jawline and through the creases of your neck. From skincare that sloughs off your tan, to rubbing from clothing necklines and just the constant movement, it’s likely to fade faster than the colour on your body so you should be treating it differently. Rather than bringing your usual fake tanner all the way up, invest in tanning drops that can be added to your moisturiser every few days and applied to your face, neck and décolletage to keep it looking in its best condition, and most of all, matching the rest of your tan.


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