Our Picks for Your New Summer Fragrance

The journey of buying fragrance and curating your own wardrobe of scents is a deeply personal and rewarding one. But it can also be overwhelming and fraught with confusion. With so many to choose from and endless top notes, base notes, chords and more to wrap your head around, it’s an exhausting olfactory experience.

To give you somewhere to start, we’ve sniffed our way through some Summery scents picking out some favourites that sing notes of sunshine and will have you feeling, and smelling, on trend for the season.

Lys Méditerranée EDP by Frédéric Malle.

Transport your senses to a jasmine covered balcony in the hills of Italy’s South coast with this bright floral scent. It features notes of white florals with a touch of delicate spice thanks to ginger lilies. The base of this fragrance is musk so it has a soft and powdery quality as it dries down.

FR / 2018 Parfum by A.N OTHER

This glorious scent is lively and energetic yet universally subtle. It’s reminiscent of the classic gin cocktail with a sparkly quality that combines sweet and spicy smells. It’s top notes are pop rocks and grapefruit zest with juniper, Madagascar ginger and aromatic lavender rounding out the middle notes.

Paris 10 Avenue Georges V EDP by Balenciaga

Feminine with a touch of mystery, this fragrance balances light and fresh florals with a twist of deep velvety tones. It has top notes of pink and black pepper with the hero scent of violets that’s anchored by cedar wood, vetiver and patchouli. It’s Summer for the woman who likes to keep things sophisticated.

Wood Sea Salt and Sage Cologne by Jo Malone London

If your idea of the perfect Summer afternoon is strolling along wooden boardwalks that border the salty coastline then you’re in luck because this intoxicating fragrance is perfect for you. It’s fresh and light with an earthy quality to it thanks to the additions of sea salt, ambrette seats and soft sage.

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