Cleansers That Are Perfect for Every Skin Type (Even Sensitive)

No beauty regime is complete without a staple cleanser that remains reliable through thick and thin. We love that there’s so much choice in the beauty industry now as it gives you the ability to really customise your routine. But we can’t deny it can make things a little confusing when you’re shopping, especially if you have a changing skin type.

Choosing a cleanser for your skin type can really bring your complexion to life and set your skin up to better absorb the serums and hydrators you follow your cleanse with. With the wrong choice in tow, it can upset your barrier and leave you feeling less than glowing. So, what do you do when you seem to be dry one day, oily the next and sensitive at that time of the month?

It’s not uncommon to feel like you have an ever-changing skin type. Teenagers in particular can experience frequent changes to their skin and acne prone skin makes it especially hard to nail down a cleanser to suit. You want to be regulating oil production without stripping your skin and providing the kind of hydration that makes for healthy skin.

The answer? A do-it-all cleanser that’s great for every skin type so you never need a different product for each day of the week.

These cleansers will soothe irritation on sensitive days, prevent flare ups, regulate sebum production to reduce breakouts and even leave you feeling soft and hydrated. And there won’t be a moment of feeling tight and dry with these heroes.

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

Want skin like Rosie Huntington-Whitely? This celeb endorsed cleanser has become a quick favourite for its ability to cleanse, gently exfoliate and load your skin with botanical antioxidants. The light gel formula lathers nicely so you’re not having to pull or tug at your skin as you cleanse. Thanks to the lightly exfoliating ingredients your pores get a good clean as well plus it removes makeup and SPF making it perfect for a single step cleanse. It’s gentle yet active and helps to balance your oils so perfect for any skin type, especially acne-prone.

Biologi Bc Refresh Cleanser

This first of its kind cleanser is made from just a single natural active ingredient, soapberry, that works to mimic foaming cleanser without the surfactants that cause dryness and irritation. It will be unlike anything you’ve tried before with a unique liquid foam texture and herbal scent but it’s incredibly gentle on your skin while cleansing away excess shine and daily grime. It doesn’t leave you feeling tight and is the very definition of a ‘clean’ beauty product.

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers are notorious for being gentle, soothing and nourishing and this cleanser from Grown Alchemist is no different. It instantly gives you the feeling of nourishing your skin in the most soothing oils, butters and creams but is actually cleansing away dirt, oils and left-over SPF to clarify your complexion. Its ingredient list is a line-up of gentle botanical ingredients that work hard making it a great all-round cleanser.

Medki8 Gentle Cleanse

Foaming cleansers can be controversial as the surfactants in them can cause irritation and dryness however this Medki8 cleanser bucks the stereotype. It’s a soft and mousse like texture that cleanses away dirt and oils without upsetting your skin’s natural oil balance. It’s free from alcohol, parabens, artificial fragrance and synthetic colours and has a deliciously refreshing rosemary scent. It really is one that any skin type will enjoy.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser

The entire La Roche-Posay line has been developed with sensitive and easily irritated skin types in mind and this cleanser lives up to their stringent standards. It’s a fluid milky texture with loads of hydrating ingredients that cleanse away impurities while leaving your skin feeling soft. It’s fragrance-free which is particularly great for sensitive skin types but oily and acne-prone skin types will love the balancing effect this cleanser has too.


Featured image from instagram @rosiehw

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