Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation

Being unhappy with your skin can really get you down. And the older you get the more there is to complain about. While I’ve battled pigmentation for many years, now the fine lines and dry crepey texture also bother me too.

Many Australian women considering treatments to improve their skin will think of Botox or fillers as their best option. Yet in actual fact if they sort out their uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and sun damage they might find that’s enough and they don’t need any injectables at all.

Imagine if your skin was uneven in tone with sun damage, age spots or pigmentation and you only opted for fillers to plump out the lines… The end result would be a still uneven tone and textured complexion with a more plump appearance- it’s more than likely you still wouldn’t be happy with it, and would feel the need for further treatments. I think your skin tone should be the first thing you address, then consider what injectables you need, if you need them at all. A Fraxel treatment can even out your skin tone, rid you of discolouration and plump up your skin on both your face and neck by stimulating new collagen growth. Fraxel can make the world of difference to the way you feel about your skin.

I haven’t had a Fraxel treatment in 3 years! But this week I visited The Clinic again for another treatment. These days my pigmentation is minimal (ever since my original Fraxel treatment), but there are still a few slightly affected areas on my cheeks that could do with improvement. The first time I had Fraxel it was life changing! I’d suffered with dark pigmentation on my face for years and it completely sorted it out and left me with virtually no pigmentation at all.

Fraxel re:store is a fractional Laser treatment. It fires small columns of intense laser energy into the skin, stimulating the development of new collagen fibres. Fraxel softens fine lines and wrinkles, reduces sun damage, reduces acne scarring, and smooths skin tone and texure, the inflammation caused by the treatment also causes your skin to create new collagen giving you plumper and firmer skin. Fraxel re:store which is offered at The Clinic is different to Fraxel re:fine – it can only be used by, a nurse or doctor in medically trained clinics and is much more powerful than the Fraxel re:fine.

It’s always hard for me to find the time to have 5 days down time after the treatment, yet when I finally do have the treatment the down time is never really that bad. No, I wouldnt be heading out to a party or wedding but with a bit of make-up and sunglasses I’m fine to be out and about.

The treatment was only mildly uncomfortable, it felt a bit zappy but I’d say a 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. After the treatment my face was very hot, like intense sunburn for about 2 hours but after that there was no discomfort at all. The following days were a progression of my skin going darker, feeling like sandpaper and then flaking off. By day 5 most of the dark flaky skin had come off (and my pigmentation along with it) although I had another 5 days of dry feeling and lightly flaky skin.

By day 10 your skin will look and feel amazing! My pigmentation has gone, the fine lines around my eyes are much softer and I’m not wearing foundation. I don’t need it! My skin is clear there is nothing to cover. As always I’m super happy with my results!

See my day to day Fraxel diary and before & afters in the pictures below….

The Clinic are my favourite place to visit in Sydney for Fraxel. As I mentioned earlier make sure you’re having a treatment using Fraxel re:store if you want results as good as mine. And also have your neck treated if you’d like firmer and smoother skin.

Investing in good skin is a must, and if you think your skin tone could use some improvement Fraxel could be the right treatment for you.

To book a consult at The Clinic or for more info call- 02 9386 1533 or request a consultation HERE


Before (L): on day of treatment. After (R): 7 Days later


My skin was red, my face was slightly swollen and the pigmentation had started to go darker.


No swelling, no redness, but lots of dark flaky skin.

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